TechFiber T-Flex SH/SA Unidirectional Ballistic Fabric with Teijin Aramid Twaron or DuPont Kevlar Aramid Fiber for Tactical Armor Carriers/Body Armor (Soft Armor Panels and Hard Armor Plates) and Vehicle Armor (Video!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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May 6, 2012

While DefenseReview (DR) was making the rounds at SHOT Show 2012, we ran across the TechFiber booth and checked a couple of their products. The first one we’re covering is TechFiber T-Flex SH/SA (Soft Armor) unidirectional ballistic fabric for body armor (soft armor panels and hard armor plates) and vehicle armor/vehicular armor, which is made with either 1000 denier, K129-equivalent Teijin Aramid Twaron or DuPont Kevlar (DuPont Kevlar XP? DuPont Kevlar KM2?) aramid ballistic fiber (ballistic aramid fiber).

Lex Watson told us that to make TechFiber T-Flex SH ballistic fabric, the company uses either a polyethylene or polypropylene resin system. “The resin system kinda’ dictates how you’re gonna’ use the fabric.” Techfiber uses a patented process (the company’s owner holds 11 patents) to turn Twaron or Kevlar aramid ballistic fiber into T-Flex SH/SA unidirectional ballistic fabric. Why unidirectional? What’s the advantage? Because, according to Watson, “unidirectional fabric has no crimp points like woven fabric. So, typically unidirectional [fabric] will outperform a woven [fabric] stopping bullets.”

TechFiber T-Flex SH/SA unidirectional ballistic fabric weighs only 5.75 ounces (5.75 oz.) per yard. And, since it’s made with aramid fiber instead of polyethylene fiber, it won’t degrade in the heat (hot sun, hot car trunk, etc.) under 600 degrees fahrenheit, which is very good.

While Defense Review was at the Tech Fiber booth, we noticed an ArmorWorks MPC (Modular Plate Carrier) tactical armor carrier/tactical vest with a TechFiber baseball hat laying on top of it. We can’t remember whether or not Watson mentioned that the MPC carrier incorporates either soft armor panels or hard armor plates that utilize T-Flex SH, but the MPC being their would seem to imply it. We’ll try to find out. In the meantime, click here to read about the ArmorWorks Modular Plate Carrier (MPC).

TechFiber T-Flex SH/SA Unidirectional Aramid Fiber/Ballistic Fabric Features and Specs (from TechFiber website):

“An outstanding technological advancement over traditional woven fabric. Our proprietary blend of aramid fiber forms a superior ballistic resistant compound providing powerful protection against a multitude of impacts. T-Flex® SH weighs only 5.75 ounces per square yard and has superior durability.

– 5 times the strength of steel
– Superior impact resistance
– Low weight to strength ratio
– Flexible and easy to wear
– Meets NIJ IIIA Standards

– Law Enforecment bullet proof vests
– Military soft body armor
– Ballistic blankets”

Company Contact Info:

6955 South Priest Drive
Tempe, AZ 85283
Phone: 480-393-0060
Toll Free: 866-832-4119

David Carlson
Ballistic Protection Products – Soft Ballistics/Soft Armor and Helmets
Teijin Aramid (Twaron)
801-F Blacklawn Road
Conyers, GA 30012-5187, USA
Phone: 770-388-5092
Fax: 770-929-8138

David Sanborn
Ballistic Protection Products – Hard Ballistics/Hard Armor
Teijin Aramid (Twaron)
801-F Blacklawn Road
Conyers, GA 30012-5187, USA
Phone: 770-761-6115
Fax: 770-929-8138

DuPont Personal Protection
Toll Free: 1-800-931-3456
Global: 1-843-335-5912
Hours: 8:00am-7pm EST

DuPont Corporate Information Center:
USA Toll Free: 1-800-441-7515
Global: 1-302-774-1000

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