Stealth Cam IR1 Passive Infared Security Camera: Compact, Wireless, and Rugged

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by David Crane
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A company called Stealth Cam, LLC is currently offering a slew of fast-deployable, all-weather, compact and ruggedized thermal/IR (infrared) digital security cameras geared for commercial and residential structural security (i.e. building security) and perimeter security (i.e. intrusion detection) applications. One of these is the Stealth Cam IR1 (STC-IR-1) Infrared Digital Scouting and Security Camera. The Stealth Cam IR1 is essentially a compact, lightweight, mobile, and rugged passive thermal/IR (infrared) detector/security camera that can be deployed very quickly. It sports a built-in 5 Mega-pixel infrared (IR) wireless camera utilizing PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor technology to detect both heat (i.e. thermal signature) and motion up to 90 ft. (90’) away.

Here are the specs…

Stealth Cam IR1 (STC-IR-1) Passive IR (Infrared) Security Camera Specs:

• 5 Mega-pixel Infrared Security and Scouting Camera
• 1.8" Built in COLOR TFT LCD screen (for viewing images in the field)
• Full color day time images / Black & White night images
• 63 IR emitters illuminate without using flash
• 32 MB built in memory
• Expandable CompactFlash card slot accepts up to 1 GB memory card
• Time & Date stamped on every image
• Programable to shoot 1-3 images per triggering or 10 seconds of MPEG video
• 1-60 minute time out between triggering
• external LCD screen displays image count
• Adjustable PIR sensor
• Auxillary power port for use with optional 12V Lead Acid battery pack for extended field life
• Three resolution settings
• Test mode to ensure optimum placement of camera
• USB out and cable included for PC download
• Video out for viewing images on TV
• Mounting strap, lock plate and Ulead Imaging software included

Company Contact Info:

Stealth Cam, LLC

P.O. Box 211662

Bedford, TX 76095

888-304-6125 Toll Free

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Stealth Cam IR1 Passive Infared Security Camera: Compact, Wireless, and Rugged by

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