Taurus 24/7 SOCOM .45 ACP Combat Pistol for CCWs and Law Enforcement SWAT

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by David Crane

Since the last two articles have been about new tactical rifles/long guns, we might as well mention a new tactical pistol to balance things out. USSOCOM’s "Combat Pistol (CP) System" program (formerly "Joint Combat Pistol (JCP) System" program) is now kaput (at least for the time being), but the pistols designed and developed for it live on, including the Taurus 24/7 SOCOM pistol.

The Taurus 24/7 SOCOM is a polymer-framed, striker-fired, high-capacity .45-caliber (.45 ACP) pistol that was designed/developed to meet the USSOCOM Combat Pistol program specs. The pistol is single-action/double-action, so it can be carred cocked-and locked (round in the chamber, striker set for light trigger pull, safety on) or de-cocked for a double-action first shot. In fact, the 24/7 SOCOM combat pistol is reportedly the first…

striker-fired pistol to have this capability (single-action/double-action). The manual thumb safety/decocker is ambidextrous. Barrel length is 5-inches (5").

It’s Defense Review’s understanding at present that the Taurus 24/7 SOCOM Pistol will be offered to civilians and law enforcement (unconfirmed/unverified).

At this point, DefenseReview has only seen a photo of the 24/7 SOCOM combat/tactical pistol. However, just from the photo, it’s visual profile is extremely similar to Heckler & Koch’s HK45 .45 ACP combat pistol (which would make since, since they were both developed for the same purpose–SOCOM Combat Pistol System competition), right down to the black slide-on-Flat Dark Earth polymer frame color scheme.

When we obtain digital photos of the new pistol, we’ll publish them. We’ll also try to get ahold of one for T&E.

Company Contact Info:

Taurus International
16175 N.W. 49th Ave.
Miami, FL 33014

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Taurus 24/7 SOCOM .45 ACP Combat Pistol for CCWs and Law Enforcement SWAT by

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