S&S Precision Chest Rig-Modular (CR-M) Tactical Armor Plate Carrier/Rhodesian Chest Rig with Watershed Waterproof Dry Bag for Spare AR Mags or Navboard Flipmod System! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

October 14, 2020
Last updated on 10/15/20.

DefenseReview’s (DR) been covering S&S Precision products for quite awhile now, and for good reason. They exhibit excellent minimalist design and quality, and they work. So, we certainly weren’t surprised to see something like the new S&S Precision Chest Rig-Modular (CR-M) tactical armor plate carrier/Rhodesian chest rig, but we were still impressed, since it embodies S&S’ minimalist approach, while maximizing utility and versatility. Importantly, the CR-M minimizes size and weight, particularly when exiting water.

The S&S CR-M accomplishes this partially through the use of hydrophobic materials, thus minimizing water absorption from waterborne operations, moisture and sweat. According to the company’s website, “the result is an ultra-lightweight, durable rig that can be customized to fit any mission set”.

And that’s not all, Monty. Oh, no. The S&S Chest Rig-Modular is extremely versatile, and will accept a plethora of other S&S Precision products. DR saw the CR-M with a Watershed Dry Bag attached at SHOT Show 2020, but you can attach just about anything you want to it, including packs. The Dry Bag is an attachable waterproof bag that can hold spare AR (AR-15) mags in 5.56mm NATO and other calibers, or S&S Precision products like the Navboard Flipmod.

Basically, the S&S CR-M is the culmination of of YEARS of design and development experience, distilled into the most lo-pro/lo-vis (low-profile/low-visibility), ultra-lightweight, and versatile plate carrier/chest rig possible. DR really digs this one.

That said, Defense Review hasn’t run the CR-M at the range, yet. Hopefully, we can get one into DR writer/contributor and chief new-product tester Jeff Gurwitch’s very capable hands at some point, and do a follow-up review on it. Until then, the accompanying photos and video (below) will have to suffice. So, enjoy.

Company Contact Info:

S&S Precision
2504 Squadron Ct, Unit 110
Virginia Beach, VA 23453
Phone: 757-453-6695
Email Contact Page: https://www.sandsprecision.com/contacts/
Website: https://www.sandsprecision.com

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S&S Precision Chest Rig-Modular (CR-M) Tactical Armor Plate Carrier/Rhodesian Chest Rig with Watershed Waterproof Dry Bag for Spare AR Mags or Navboard Flipmod System! (Video!) by

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