Revision Multi-Use Bump Shell/Modular Ballistic Combat Helmet with Skeletonized Accessory Rail Mount System! (Photos!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

June 3, 2016

Speaking of interesting new Revision military products at SOFIC 2016, DefenseReview (DR) also got to take a look at Revision Multi-Use Bump Shell/modular ballistic combat helmet prototypes with skeletonized accessory rail mount systems, which makes one wonder why it took so long for a company to offer just such a product. The Unit (CAG/Delta Force) used what were essentially skateboard helmets as bump helmets during Operation Gothic Serpent and the subsequent Battle of Mogadishu (1993) in Somalia, due to their ultra-light weight and ability to protect against a reasonable amount of kinetic impact. The Revision Multi-Use bump shell just takes this concept and adds the ability to up-armor it with modular ballistic armor panels, thus turning it into a ballistic combat helmet.

It’s frankly amazing to DR that it took 23 years for a U.S. company to offer this product, but kudos to Revision for developing it, even if they’re located in Bernie Sanders country (Vermont). A little humor.

Anyway, according to Soldier Systems, the Multi-Use Bump Shell’s claimed up-armored weight is 1.5 lbs with ballistic panels, which reportedly offer “ACH [Advanced Combat Helmet]-level protection”. So it would appear we’re looking at Level IIIA protection at that weight (1.5 lbs), although it’s theoretically possible that one could add heavier ballistic panels that offer Level III or even Level IV anti-rifle armor protection at some point.

Defense Review shot some photos of a poster at the Revision booth that shows the Multi-Use Bump Shell outfitted with the armor panels, so you can at least see the concept, but we’d much prefer to obtain some actual photos of real Revision balistic armor panels.

In the meantime, enjoy.

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All embedded (DR) photos and videos were shot with an Apple iPhone 6s Plus smartphone still/video camera.

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Revision Multi-Use Bump Shell/Modular Ballistic Combat Helmet with Skeletonized Accessory Rail Mount System! (Photos!) by

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