Recover Tactical RT CC3 1911 Grip and Rail Adapter: Instantly Turns Your Legacy Combat/Tactical 1911 Pistol into a 21st-Century Railed Single-Action .45 ACP Blaster! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

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Image(s) Credit: Recover Tactical

April 21, 2014

Israel is perhaps the best national example of the fact that “necessity is the mother of invention”, or “necessity breeds” invention. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) constantly has it’s strategic and tactical hands full keeping Israel secure and defending it from it’s enemies which are much larger in both population and land mass, and that surround it. Israeli inventions relating to tactical firearms are often very simple-yet-innovative. In Israel time is usually of the essence, and the Israelis usually need quick, practical solutions to immediate problems. The Recover Tactical (RT) CC3 1911 Grip and Rail Adaptor, recently introduced at SHOT Show 2014, is a good example of this reality.

There are A LOT of combat/tactical 1911 pistols being carried for self defense on the street and being used for home defense in Israel. Unfortunately, many if not most of them are older legacy guns that don’t offer a MIL-STD-1913 “Picatinny” rail system for mounting a tactical white light and/or laser sight/aimer. The Recover Tactical CC3 1911 Pistol Grip and Rail Adapter solves this problem–immediately. Designed and developed by Israeli weapons designer Tamir Porat, who also designed the IWI Tavor TAR-21 5.56mm NATO bullpup assault rifle/carbine/SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)/Tavor SAR semi-auto-only tactical carbine, the patented “high-grade” polymer RT CC3 1911 Grip and Rail Adapter instantly turns any legacy 1911/M1911 pistol into a 21st-century railed 1911 pistol ready for mounting a SureFire Handgun WeaponLight (X300 or X400 Weapon Light series), a Viridian Green Laser Sights C5 or X5 green laser sight/tactical light combo or a Streamlight laser/light combo like the new Streamlight TLR-4 G compact tactical light with integrated green aiming laser, for example.

The 80-gram/2.82-ounce (2.82 oz) Recover Tactical CC3 railed grip adapter is a drop-in/drop-on unit that just screws right onto the legacy combat/tactical 1911 pistol’s grip frame in minutes using what appear to be hex screws. Hopefully, it goes on nice and tight, and stays that way. In DefenseReview’s (DR) opinion, the CC3 is aesthetically pleasing with a current, modern tactical look. The texturing on the CC3’s grip surface looks like it provides a good purchase.

According to AmmoLand, a company out of L.A. (Los Angeles, CA) called CampCo is the “worldwide Master Distributor for all Recover Tactical products”, so if you want your very own CC3 1911 Grip/Rail system for your 1911, you’re gonna’ have to go through them. You can get it in Black, Desert Sand (Desert Tan), or Olive Green (OD Green). MSRP is $49.99 USD.

“The CC3 offers an incredible value for gun owners who want to add a rail to their 1911 but don’t want to buy a new gun. Our goal is not to offend the purists, but to provide a truly functional and universal rail accessory that won’t break the bank. There is a large market of 1911 owners who can’t wait to get a Recover CC3 onto their gun and they have shown us amazing support so far,” says Recover Tactical President Ron Rosenberg.

AmmoLand also reports that initial reviews of the RT CC3 on gun forums and the Recover Tactical Facebook page are positive, with the general bent being that it’s a “quality design that lives up to its hype.” Hopefully, that is indeed the case. Unfortunately, Defense Review didn’t get to handle the CC3 while we were at SHOT Show because we didn’t know about the product at the time. While we’re primarily Glock pistol guys over here, we also like quality custom and semi-custom 1911 pistols, as well, so we look forward to running a CC3-outfitted gun at the range sometime. It seams like a pretty cool little product.

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Recover Tactical RT CC3 1911 Grip and Rail Adapter: Instantly Turns Your Legacy Combat/Tactical 1911 Pistol into a 21st-Century Railed Single-Action .45 ACP Blaster! (Video!) by

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