Hazard 4 Heavy Water Diver (HWD) GMT, Prototype HWD Chronograph and HWD Automatic Mechanical Titanium Tritium Military Combat/Tactical Dive Watches for Deep-Water Diving Missions! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

April 4, 2017
Last updated on 4/04/17.

So, last year, DefenseReview (DR) reported on the Hazard 4 (H4) Heavy Water Diver (HWD) titanium trititum combat/tactical dive/diving watches, which really impressed us at SHOT Show 2016. We immediately liked the visual aesthetic of the watches, thanks to their very nice looking 50mm titanium cases, bezel and crown, and their large-numbered dials with large tritium (hydrogen-3 (H3) gas) hands and glass-tube markers around the chapter ring for reading in the dark, and/or under water, including deep water. So, we were obviously very happy to see the evolution of the HWD watch line with the introduction of the Heavy Water Diver GMT, prototype H4 Heavy Water Diver Chronograph, and H4 Heavy Water Diver automatic mechanical dive watch at SHOT Show 2017.

Hazard 4 company rep Brandon Ryan told DR the following at the show: “The [Heavy Water Diver] GMT is just an addditional complication. We add another hand that’s going to track a seond time zone for you. We also have a daylight ring here [on the bottom] that tells you basically from 6 [hundred] all the way to 1800 hours, [which] allows you to distinguish, when you’re doing a home time, where, approximately, daylight is going to be. So, from there, we’ve also introduced a chronograph. [It has] the exact same features as our Heavy Water Diver. Again, 50-millimeter case, titanium…this is our newest prototype. We just got it for the show, so things aren’t quite as aligned as they need to be, just because we wanted to be able to show it at the show, [and] really get the word out. We have screw-down pushers.”

Editor’s Note: Watch the video DR shot below to see the rest of the new Heavy Water Diver chronograph’s features. In the video, Ryan also discusses the GMT dial’s daylight section that’s designed into the chapter ring rather than into the bezel. This allows the wearer to use the timing bezel without disturbing the 24-hour day/night scale. The daylight section can also be had in more subdued colors (or non-colors] like white or “non-existant”, as Ryan puts it.

Finally, Mr. Ryan showed us the new Heavy Water Diver automatic mechanical (or, mechanical automatic] combat/tactical dive watch, which is a great choice for watch-collecting purists. It should perhaps be noted that Ryan himself prefers and owns the automatic mechanical-movement HWD variant, which is, of course, a bit more expensive than the quartz movement HWD. “We’re looking at using an ETA [automatic mechaniccal] movement, just because they’re reliable, they’re easily-serviceable, and it has that name-brand recognition that guys want to have, to be able to say ‘I have an ETA movement in here'”, Ryan said.

DR also likes the design of the H4 HWD watch’s large, seemingly durable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) watch band/strap with “strap securer” and dual-prong clasp, which makes for very secure fastening to one’s wrist.

Defense Review REALLY likes the Hazard 4 Heavy Water Diver watches’ design aesthetics and features, and looks forward to acquiring one (or several) at some point, provided that they prove to be functional, reliable and durable under adverse combat-type conditions, including deep-water conditions, down to their listed water-resistance depth rating of 300m (300 meters/990′ (990 feet). The large, heavy HWD cases and crowns and high-quality feel certainly give us some confidence that the watches will indeed work as advertised, but we’d also like to get some professional end-user feedback on them, preferably from military SOF (Special Operations Forces) personnel.

Company Contact Info:

Hazard 4 (Civilian Lab LLC)
235 E. Broadway Suite 1120
LB, CA 90802
Phone: 626-344-1454
Email Contact Page: https://www.hazard4.com/contact-us
Website: https://www.hazard4.com

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Hazard 4 Heavy Water Diver (HWD) GMT, Prototype HWD Chronograph and HWD Automatic Mechanical Titanium Tritium Military Combat/Tactical Dive Watches for Deep-Water Diving Missions! (Video!) by

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