Electronic Warfare Tech

DefendTex Drone40 40mm Autonomous Mini Quadcopter UAS/UAV Drone Munition: Infantry Warfare Game Changer?

By David Crane Photo(s) Credit: British MOD/Crown and UASVision.com July 12, 2021 A very interesting Melbourne, Australia-based company called DefendTex is making an equally interesting quadcopter-type UAS/UAV (Unmanned Aerial System/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) munition called the Drone40 that, in DefenseReview’s (DR) opinion, has the potential to be a real game changer for infantry warfare operations, due to its payload modularity and …

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Chinese Military Preparing to Win World War III (WWIII) with ‘Emerging and Exponential’ Technologies: Cyberwarfare, Electronic Warfare, Hypersonic Weapons, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, Stealth Aircraft, UAS/UAV/Drone Aircraft Tech, Anti-Satellite Weapons, Robots/Robotics, and other ‘New Technologies’…It’s All on the Table!

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com Image(s) Credit: South China Morning Post (SCMP), Times Asi/flickr/CC-BY-2.0, EN.People.cn January 10, 2018 Last updated on 1/11/18. DefenseReview (DR) has been following Chinese and Russian military technology capabilities and advancements for quite some time now, so we weren’t surprised to read about the Chinese PLA’s (People’s Liberation Army) drive to dominate the …

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Will the Russian Air Force Beat the US Air Force to the Punch with 6th-Gen Jet Fighter Aircraft-Mounted Laser Weapons, Radio-Photonic Radar (‘Radio Vision’), Microwave Weapons and Guided Electronic Munitions? Let’s Hope Not.

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com July 31, 2017 DefenseReview (DR) has been writing about aircraft-mounted laser weapons technology for years, now, including the very interesting Lockheed Martin Aero-adaptive Aero-optic Beam Control (ABC) laser weapon turret for supersonic jet fighter aircraft, specifically, and offensive and defensive laser weapons for jet fighter aircraft, in general, which the US Air …

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