B&T Unveils the New APC9-SD PRO Recessed-Suppressed 9mm Submachine Gun (SMG), SPC9 9mm SMG Series, and a Plethora of Silencers/Sound Suppressors (SQD, QDR, Impuls-OLS, Rotex-X Compact, RBS AK, and HP22) at SHOT Show 2022!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

January 21, 2022

DefenseReview’s (DR) covered a lot of B&T products over the years, since we find them to be of high-quality, interesting, and well-designed. So, we’re not surprised to see them release yet more products exhibiting these aspects. At SHOT Show 2022, the company just released some pretty cool new products, including the B&T SPC9 (Special Purpose Carbine 9) series of 9mm Parabellum/9x19mm NATO SMG’s (Submachine Guns) and a smorgasbord of rather nifty silencers/sound suppressors, to include the SQD, QDR, Impuls-OLS, Rotex-X Compact, RBS AK, and HP22.

The Firearm Blog’s (TFB) published a nice rundown of the new products, and it’s worth reading. In the meantime though, here’s the basic skinny on the new blasters and cans:

Let’s start with the new, cool B&T APC9-SD PRO recessed-suppressed 9mm SMG that comes in to formats, one that uses B&T pattern mags (magazines), and one that uses Glock mags. Current MSRP is listed at $3,147 USD, but the APC9-SD PRO won’t be available until later this year.

Next up, we’ve got three variants of the new B&T SPC9 SMG, which are all different lengths and buttstocks. The SPC9’s highlights are its ambidextrous lower receiver, oversized controls, “very slick” hydraulic buffer system housed in the rear of the receiver, traditional SMG-type front charging handle, AND a large, easy-to-grab AR (AR-15)-type charging handle at the back, which may also be ambidextrous (unconfirmed/unverified). DR’s never seen both a front-mounted SMG-type charging handle AND an rear-mounted AR-type charging handle on one weapon. That’s interesting, and well, why not?

And, finally, the suppressors. DR really digs cans (silencers/sound suppressors), and these appear to be some nice ones. DR writer/contributor and chief new-product tester Jeff Gurwitch has been on quite the tactical AK (Kalashnikov AKM/AK-47 rifle/carbine) kick lately, as he’s transitioned from tactical AR’s to tactical AK’s for competitive 3-Gun matches, so he should be happy to find out about the B&T RBS (Reduced Backpressure System) low-backpressure 7.62MM AK suppressor that’s made specifically for the Kalashnikov USA KR-103, and mounts to the gun’s M24x1.25 RH threads. The can locks in via a rear locking collar. Pretty cool. Its release is scheduled for Q2 of this year at a prospective price of $950 USD.

But wait, there’s more. There are also B&T RBS QDR cans for the FN SCAR, FN M249, and FN M240 machine guns, and possibly more guns. The RBS QDR suppressors utilize a “specially-designed” blast chamber, and are designed for “heavy use”, which DR assumes means high round count shooting under adverse combat conditions.

The B&T SQD 9mm suppressor is also interesting, in that it can be mounted to any 9mm pistol or rifle tht utilizes a standard three-lug attachment/mounting system. Just “align the top of the locking collar and push the suppressor down. The locking tab at the rear clicks up, and that’s it. No more having to push down and twist in order to lock the silencer in place,” according to TFB. Easy peasy. “When you’re ready to remove the suppressor, simply press the button atop the locking collar and slide the silencer off. This is hands down the most elegant three-lug mounting solution I’ve ever seen,” says TFB writer Austin R. We like what we’re reading. Anyway, MSRP is projected at $650 USD.

Next up is the B&T Rotex-X Compact 5.56mm suppressor, which uses the same materials as the RBS. Conveniently, the Rotex-X Compact mounts to any A2 birdcage-style flash hider. MSRP is projected at $675 USD for a Q2 release.

The B&T Impuls-OLS standard and compact pistols silencers look pretty good in the photos TFB provided, as well. Damn good. They utilize mounts for both 13.51LH and 1/2×28 threaded handguns. Like everything else B&T, they’re slated for a Q2 release, and have a projected MSRP of $675 USD.

And, finally, there’s the B&T HP22 suppressor for .22LR pistols and rifles. The HP22 utilizes industry-standard 1/2×28 threads and can be cleaned by the end-user in the field. It has a projected MSRP of only $265, and is also designated for a Q2 release.

So, that’s it. Austin R gave a nice rundown of every new B&T blaster and can coming down the proverbial pike, and you can take a look at it here.

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B&T Unveils the New APC9-SD PRO Recessed-Suppressed 9mm Submachine Gun (SMG), SPC9 9mm SMG Series, and a Plethora of Silencers/Sound Suppressors (SQD, QDR, Impuls-OLS, Rotex-X Compact, RBS AK, and HP22) at SHOT Show 2022! by

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