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B&T APC10 Pro 10mm Auto Submachine Gun (SMG) for Serious Subgun Firepower! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

May 1, 2020
Last updated on 5/02/20.

DefenseReview’s (DR) been covering B&T (formerly Brugger & Thomet) firearms at SHOT Show for quite some time now. Well, SHOT Show 2020 was no different. B&T USA’s John Scott was kind enough to take DR through the new B&T APC10 Pro 10mm Auto Submachine Gun (SMG) at the company’s booth.

The B&T APC10 Pro, essentially a larger-caliber variant of the B&T APC9 Pro/APC40 Pro, is a fully ambidextrous 10mm SMG with ambi safety/selector switches and charging handles. It utilizes Glock 20 (G20) 10mm pistol mags (magazines), so mags are plentiful and reliable. And, it sports a 7″ threaded barrel (for a silencer/sound suppressor), and telescoping/retractible buttstock for the shortest, most compact profile possible. All in all a great little combat/tactical SMG package that really packs a punch.

DR’s been a fan of the 10mm Auto cartridge since the 1980’s, when “Miami Vice’s” Sonny Crockett carried a Bren Ten 10mm Auto pistol in the first season. The 10mm Auto cartridge offers .41 Magnum-level penetration and stopping power out of a semi-auto handgun or subgun. So, being able to pepper a target with 10mm Auto rounds really gives the shooter some serious combat capability, particularly if he/she’s using 30-round Glock 20 mags, like those made by SGM Tactical or ETS.

Defense Review really digs this gun, at least on paper. Hopefully, B&T USA will offer a civilian-legal semi-auto-only variant with a pistol arm brace. We’ll try to find out, and update this article accordingly.

Company Contact Info:

4532 W. Kennedy BLVD.
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Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: +1 813 653 1200
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Tempelstrasse 6
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Tel: +41 33 334 67 00
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Zelglistrasse 10
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Tel: +41 33 334 67 30

Widenholzstrasse 1
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B&T APC10 Pro 10mm Auto Submachine Gun (SMG) for Serious Subgun Firepower! (Video!) by

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