Ashbury Precision Ordnance APO Super Magnum .408 CheyTac and .375 CheyTac Asymmetric Warfare (ASW) Precision Tactical Rifle Packages: Sub-.5 MOA Big-Bore Accuracy!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

Photo(s) Credit: Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO)

October 24, 2015
Last updated on 10/25/15.

DefenseReview (DR) has been covering Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) products ever since we first laid eyes on the APO ASW 338LM .338 Lapua Magnum Modular Precision Sniper Rifle (MPSR), which was built on the APO SABER-FORSST Modular Rifle Chassis System (MRCS), at SHOT Show 2008. We were immediately impressed with the quality of look and feel the guns exhibited, and realized there was a new, very serious precision anti-materiel/sniper rifle manufacturer in town. From there, the guns just kept getting better until they established themselves as some of the best rifles out there. As if that wasn’t enough, APO’s branched out into custom combat/tactical pistols (with red dot sight combat optics mounted on them) with the APO Custom Shop (APOCS), and those looked really good when we handled them at SHOT Show 2015. And, now, they’ve gotten even better with the release of APO’s latest examples of big ballistic badassery, the APO Super Magnum .408 CheyTac and .375 CheyTac ASW precision tactical rifles.

In addition to the SABER-FORSST MRCS, the new APO ASW precision tactical rifles sport APO’s newly-developed VX octagonal-geometry bolt-action receiver that, combined with the Super Magnum’s crisp 3-lb trigger, allows the rifles to deliver sub-.5 MOA (Minute of Angle) accuracy on target with Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP), and Ultra Low Drag (ULD) .408 CheyTac and .375 CheyTac ammo. That’s serious performance out to very long range. Defense Review REALLY wants to try these new guns out.

Anyway, here’s the official press release on it:

For Immediate Release
October 20, 2015

Media Contact:
Troy Perry
(434) 296-8600

Super Magnum .408 and .375 CheyTac Calibers Added to Ashbury’s Premium ASW Precision Tactical Rifle Line
Veteran Built Precision Rifles for Extreme and Ultra Long Range Hunters and Shooters

Ruckersville, VA. – Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) Manufacturing has added two new calibers to its line of premium Asymmetric Warrior® (ASW) precision tactical rifles based on the new SABER® VX bolt action receiver. The SABER VX is Ashbury’s octagonal geometry precision manufactured bolt action receiver for super magnum .408 and .375 CheyTac calibers. The ASW-408 uses the latest innovation in the patented SABER®-FORSST® modular rifle chassis system (MRCS), an interlocking action/chassis design precision machined from aerospace grade aluminum alloy that requires no bedding and very little maintenance.

ASW precision tactical rifles are comfortable to shoot and are purpose built to deliver high levels of consistent, down range accuracy now in calibers from .223 to 408CT.

They feature tool-less ergonomic adjustability, heat/mirage management, rugged advanced materials construction, engineered accuracy enhancing design, and offer shooters considerably lower felt recoil especially with the big .375 and .408CT cartridges.

The core of Ashbury’s ASW-408 platform is the precision CNC machined SABER VX bolt action receiver. This newly engineered octagonal geometry receiver is crafted to smoothly feed the long, powerful super magnum cartridges from a 7rd detachable box magazine. The fire control mechanism on the ASW-408 rifle is a fully adjustable two-stage trigger, set to a crisp 3 lbs. The ASW-408 is hand crafted by a team of specially trained former USMC 2112 Precision Rifle Technicians and 2111 Armorers, engineers and experienced machinists to exacting standards and high tolerances. APO precision rifles deliver consistent sub <½ MOA performance firing precision loaded match grade ammunition with Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP), and Ultra Low Drag (ULD) projectiles.

The ASW-408 is a rugged precision rifle platform designed to produce optimum accuracy with 395gr to 420gr projectiles and the ASW-375 with 325gr to 375gr projectiles. Using APO’s proprietary barrel engineering software [BASED], Ashbury engineers designed Pinnacle Series contours for each of the two calibers, using 416R stainless steel fluted barrels for these potent calibers. The .408CT uses a 1-in-13 inch twist 5R barrel and the .375CT uses a 1-in-10.5 inch twist bore providing exceptional bullet stability and accuracy.

ASW barrel chambers and threaded muzzles are precisely machined to a straightness of less than”APO’s new calibers for ASW rifles is based on the growing success of our .375CT SuperSport XLR Ashbury introduced in 2013,” said Travis Bankston, APO Gunsmith and former USMC 2112. “The ASW-408 is our top of the line precision rifle, and will have more capability and SABER® chassis features geared for shooting targets at significant distances.”

ASW rifles come in a standard right hand configuration, with left-hand models also available. The ASW-408 features a one-piece monolithic 40 MOA 12 o’clock scope rail with space for a co-aligned day optic and clip-on electro-optical device. The SABER MRCS one-piece monolithic rail provides unparalleled chassis rigidity, yielding consistent shot to shot accuracy at ranges out to one mile and beyond. For those ultra long range enthusiasts shooting to distances approaching or even exceeding 2,500 yards, APO’s custom shop even manufactures specialty 100 to 160 MOA monolithic rails.

Ashbury’s ASW line features an ergonomically shaped Quattro Carbon Fiber forend with 3, 6 and 9 o’clock co-bore aligned accessory rail attachment points, variable grip angles, adjustable hand-grip-to-trigger distance, and a comfortable Ergo hand grip. Ashbury’s new interlocking AVX-A1 MOD-1 chassis further incorporates a folding lockable stainless steel hinge and a push button adjustable ergonomic shoulder stock (PBA-H) with changeable length of pull, positive locking thumbscrew/bail ring cheek piece height, and push button Limbsaver® recoil pad for positioning, up and down.

The basic ASW-408 rifle weighs in at a reasonable 18 lbs with an overall length of 53 inches extended, and a compact folded length of 43 inches. There are flush cup sling swivel sockets evenly distributed along the entire length of the rifle on both sides. The ASW-408 is coated with a rugged ceramic Cerakote black finish and natural carbon fiber forend. APO also offers special order colors of Olive Drab Green, Flat Dark Earth, Titanium Gray, Tungsten Gray, Sniper Gray and SOCOM Blue. The ASW-408 base rifle has a suggested retail price of $8,750.

APO’s Custom Shop offers shooters two specialized variants of the ASW in these new Super Magnum chamberings to include a “K” and “ULR” model. The K model designation is for a 24″ barreled version that is lighter in weight and faster handling. It is designed for shooting at high density-altitudes that typically offer better external ballistic conditions. The ULR version (Ultra Long Range .375CT only) is designed with barrel having a heavier more rigid contour and faster twist rate, two-stage trigger set to 2.0 lbs and a custom high MOA scope base rail matched to a specific day optic.

Ashbury delivers ASW-408 Precision Tactical Rifles in a hard lockable transit case with custom foam, and can be outfitted with quality accessories to include: suppressors, premium optics, bipods or a complete precision rifle packages. A wide range of interchangeable SABER accessories includes a folding field Monopod, 4″ and 12″ Picatinny accessory rails, Anypoint Bipod/Tripod Mount, Long Range Accuracy (LRA) bipods, Field Firing Solutions ballistic software “tactical”, TACT3 and RSTA-II Tactical Tripod Systems and more are available.

For more information on APO’s complete line of precision rifles, bolt action receivers and other RifleSports equipment browse our APO Product Showcase brochure, visit the Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg website, shop the APO online store, The APO Armory or contact the APO Customer Support Department M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm.

About Ashbury…
Ashbury International Group Inc. is a central Virginia USA based company, having more than 20 years of international experience as a prime contractor to government agencies, military, and special operations forces as well as manufacturer of commercial shooting sports equipment. The company provides logistics, engineering, training, ordnance manufacturing, systems integration and emergency preparedness products and services.

Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg. (APO), a division of the Ashbury International Group Inc. is a BATFE licensed 07/11/SOT firearms manufacturer. APO manufactures SABER® bolt action receivers and patented modular rifle chassis systems for factory and custom small, medium and large caliber bolt action rifles. APO also manufactures custom tactical and multi-sport precision rifles in calibers from .223, .to .375CT. APO’s Custom Shop offers custom reflex sight installation on pistols and complete special order custom rifle and pistol builds for discriminating customers.

The Rapid Product Development Center (RPDC) provides engineering design and prototyping services. The engineering services group is Solidworks® CAD based with Cosmos FEA and FeatureCam® CAD/CAM machine programming software, 3D Printer-Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) capable, a modern CNC precision machining shop and an experienced, well trained staff.”

Company Contact Info:

Troy Perry
Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO)
PO Box 8024
Charlottesville, Virginia 22906-8024
Phone: 434-296-8600

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Ashbury Precision Ordnance APO Super Magnum .408 CheyTac and .375 CheyTac Asymmetric Warfare (ASW) Precision Tactical Rifle Packages: Sub-.5 MOA Big-Bore Accuracy! by

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