.408 CheyTac Long-Range Interdiction Rifle Demo Video from AFJI Shoot-Out

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by David Crane
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The following story has been updated (5/10/04):

DefRev wrote a short piece on the .408 CheyTac M-200 "Intervention" long-range interdiction (sniper) rifle awhile back. The CheyTac M200 rifle can be used by a skilled operator to effectively engage enemy targets at distances out to 2500 yards.

While it looks like a scaled down Windrunner M96 .50 BMG, the 408 CheyTac® M-200 "Intervention" rifle is actually a proprietary design with numerous design features not found on the EDM Windrunner. CheyTac Associates, LLC owns both the TDP (technical data package) and tombstone on the Cheytac M-200. EDM is just the contract manufacturer of specific rifle components for the CheyTac M200. These components are provided to specific CheyTac® design specifications and are then further modified at their Arco Idaho facility to become the Model 200.

According to Robin Sharpless, CheyTac’s Senior Vice President, "the Model 200 CheyTac Intervention rifle system has changed the concept , and in some cases the doctrine of military sniper and counter-sniper operations. At Blackwater last week,…

1200-yard shots on a 12" x 18" piece of steel "were common to the point of simplicity. These shots were not made by just the company personnel but in fact were made by the evaluators with the same degree of ease." A large amount of video was shot of this activity. When this video becomes available, DefRev will alert our members and readers to it.

The .408 Cheyenne Tactical Cartridge is 33% lighter than the .50 BMG cartridge (bullet weight is 419gr.), and can be used to engage targets out to 2500 yards.
Dean Michaelis has written
a shooter’s report on the .408 Cheytac M200 "Intervention" here. The test shoot was conducted at South Creek Flats, Idaho.

Click here to watch streaming video of Mr. Michaelis demonstrating the .408 CheyTac M-200 "Intervention" rifle at the AFJI Shoot-Out at Blackwater. According to the company, Dean Michaelis is no longer with CheyTac Associates LLC and should not be considered a CheyTac® Associates, LLC company contact point.

You can contact CheyTac® Associates, LLC at 208-527-8614, or via email at [email protected]. Price on the .408 CheyTac® Intervention is $10,995.00
Packages with optics and other accessories can be quoted on request.

The .408 CheyTac M-200 can be had as part of a complete long-range interdiction package that includes an OPS-Inc. suppressor, handheld ballistic computer, and Nightforce Precision Optics scope, all available as options.

CheyTac Associates, LLC will be attending the SOCOM Show in Tampa this week. Those attending will be able to see the CheyTac M-200 "Intervention" rifle and their new single shot M310 rifle, as well as all of the products which make up the CheyTac Long Range Intervention Systems for military and law enforcement applications.

As stated above, EDM Arms, makers of the Windrunner M96 .50 BMG Tactical Takedown Rifle, manufactures the components for the .408 CheyTac Intervention Rifle to Cheyenne Tactical, LLC’s specs. EDM Arms can be contacted at 909-307-8877, or via email at [email protected].

Lost River Ballistic Technologies, Inc. manufactures the .408 CheyTac cartridge. They can be reached at 888-807-8611.

OPS-Inc. can be contacted at 530-474-3779, or via email at [email protected].

CheyTac can also supply the rifle with a Nightforce Precision Optics scope (and rings).
Nightforce Precision Optics can be contacted at 208-476-9814. The company doesn’t respond to email inquiries.

Click here to visit the old Cheyenne Tactical, LLC website main page. Still some good info on the .408 CheyTac M-200 "Intervention" rifle there.

.408 CheyTac Long-Range Interdiction Rifle Demo Video from AFJI Shoot-Out by

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