World’s First .408 CheyTac Semi-Auto Rifle for Long-Range Interdiction

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by David Crane

A short while back, DefRev published an article on the .408 CheyTAC M-200 "Intervention" Rifle for military Special Operations and police/LE SWAT long-range interdiction work. The article was titled .408 CheyTac Long-Range Interdiction Rifle Demo Video from AFJI Shoot-Out, and, true to its title, included a link to a video clip of the .408 CheyTac M-200 Intervention rifle being demonstrated at the Blackwater Shoot-Out.

CheyTac Associates, LLC. has just introduced a new semi-auto rifle chambered for the .408 CheyTac round, called the CheyTac M-400. The CheyTac M-400 rifle is gas-operated, and based on the AR-15 system (direct gas-impingement). It’s definitely worth checking out. If you’d like to see the spec sheet/brochure (which contains a photo) on the CheyTac M-400 .408 CheyTac Semi-Auto Rifle, just…

click on this link.

Click here to view a color photo of the CheyTac M-400 Semi-Auto Rifle in .408 CheyTac caliber.

You might also want to take a look at the CheyTac .338 Lapua Magnum semi-auto rifle, as well. The CheyTac .338 Lapua Magnum spec sheet shows the rifle with a desert camo finish and a woodland camo finish.

For military urban anti-personnel and police/LE SWAT applications, either the CheyTac 7.62mm Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) or CheyTac M310 bolt action 7.62mm rifle can most likely fill the bill.

For availability and pricing, you can contact CheyTac Associates LLC. at 888-807-8611. Ask for Robin Sharpless. You can contact Robin directly by phone at 607-533-8551, or via email at

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World’s First .408 CheyTac Semi-Auto Rifle for Long-Range Interdiction by

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