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Adams Arms AA Small-Frame .308 Patrol Battle Rifle (PBR) 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. Tactical Piston AR Carbine: Jeff Gurwitch Shoots Super-Fast 2-2-2 Drill (Tactical Shooting Drill) Using Gun Outfitted with Trijicon VCOG and IMI Defense 7.62mm NATO AR Mag (Magazine) and Accessories! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

August 17, 2015
Last updated on 9/28/15.

DefenseReview (DR) writer/contributor Jeff Gurwitch recently sent us an interesting video of himself shooting a 1.52-second 2-2-2 drill (a common staple of training made popular by Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics/VTAC) with an Adams Arms (AA) Small Frame .308 Patrol Battle Rifle (PBR) 7.62mm NATO (7.62x51mm NATO)/.308 Win. piston-driven tactical AR (appears to be a DPMS/.308 Commercial-type/pattern rather than an AR-10/SR-25-type/pattern) carbine, so we thought we’d share it with our readers. It’s the first/top video below, and the second video Jeff’s sent us featuring himself running the PBR. DR published the initial AA Small-Frame .308 PBR range (shooting) video in our previous blurb/short article on the new gun back in March, but we’re also including it with this one, right below the latest video.

Jeff was also kind enough to send us some cool pics of the new blaster, which is outfitted with Gurwitch’s homemade disruptive arid/desert combat camo (camouflage) paint scheme–which DR really digs.

Oh, and Jeff was also kind enough to send us some data/info on the AA PBR in an email, which you can read below (edited for readability and presentation):

“From: jeff gurw <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 3:01 PM
Subject: adams arms 308 notes
To: David Crane <[email protected]>

[In the] First 300 rounds, experienced 3 stovepipes (due to break in). Plus, I shot it out of box without lube or cleaning. After that, it ran just fine. Total [round count to date] is just over 2,000 rounds of M118LR [7.62x51mm ammo] since April.

Better felt recoil over [FN MK 17] SCAR Heavy due to inline AR feel. I currently have a Surefire War Comp on the rifle, plus IMI Defense AFG (Angled ForeGrip, or Angled Forward Grip) [FSG-1 Front Support Grip or FSG-2 Rubberized Front Support Grip, which look  and feel really good] and BUIS [AFS – Aluminum Front Flip-Up Sight and AFS – Aluminum Rear Flip-Up Sight, both of which are very well designed, aesthetically pleasing, and durable-looking–you can see these laying flat on the gun in the shooting pics], and a Trijicon VCOG [Variable Combat Optical Gunsight tactical scope/combat optic]. Editor’s Note: The magazine in the AA PBR Jeff’s shooting in the video below is an IMI Defense G2 7.62×51 Enhanced Magazine with translucent viewing port/window. This mag is also visible in several of the accompanying photos, including the featred image above this article, and in the first/top photo on the right.


Lancer mag is the most finicky. Sand gets around feed lips, which makes it hard to [insert] and take out of rifle.

I have used mostly MagPul GEN II and GEN III 7.62 mags.

The IMI Defense mags [G2 Basic 7.62×51 Magazine and G2 7.62×51 Enhanced Magazine], so far, [have about] 120 rounds [through them] and are running fine.

Magpul makes a M118-specific 25-round magazine [PMAG® 25 M118 LR/SR GEN M3™ WINDOW 7.62X51MM NATO]. Editor’s Note: Defense Review would like to see IMI Defense 25-round 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win magazines optimized for the M118, at some point.

I have a standard MagPul 25-rounder that runs rough with M118 (last few rounds do not chamber well).”

Defense Review will be publishing information on a number of IMI Defense tactical AR (AR-15 and AR-10/SR-25) products individually in upcoming articles, including those mentioned above. We’re very impressed with the IMI Defense products we’ve received so far, as they look and feel very good, and they appear to be of very high quality.

Company Contact Info:

Adams Arms (AA)
Email Sales: [email protected]
Email Contact Page:

IMI Defense
PO Box 396
Zihron Yaakov 30900
Phone: (972)77 5321622
Fax: (972)77 5356512
Email Contact Page:

Trijicon Commercial/Civilian Tactical
49385 Shafer Avenue
P. O. Box 930059
Wixom, Michigan
48393-0059 USA
Phone: 1-800-338-0563
Phone: 1-248-960-7700
Fax: 1-248-960-7725
Email Contact Page:

Trijicon Military and Law Enforcement Division
925 Corporate Drive
Suite 315
Stafford, VA 22554
Phone: 1-703-445-1600
Fax: 1-703-445-1606
Email Contact Page:

Magpul Industries Corp
400 Young Ct., Unit #1
Erie, CO 80516
Toll Free: 877-462-4785
Phone: 303-828-3460
Fax: 303-828-3469
Email Info: [email protected]
Email Orders: [email protected]
Email Government/Military: [email protected]

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Adams Arms AA Small-Frame .308 Patrol Battle Rifle (PBR) 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. Tactical Piston AR Carbine: Jeff Gurwitch Shoots Super-Fast 2-2-2 Drill (Tactical Shooting Drill) Using Gun Outfitted with Trijicon VCOG and IMI Defense 7.62mm NATO AR Mag (Magazine) and Accessories! (Video!) by

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