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Update: CopterBox Airdrop Delivery System for Military/PMC Counterinsurgency Ops

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by David Crane
[email protected]

DefenseReview first published info on CopterBox back in August (2004). The article was titled "CopterBox Expendable Airdrop Delivery System for Ammo, Food, Meds, and More".

Your humble correspondent then wrote a much more in-depth article on CopterBox for SoldierTech (a content partner site) in September, 2004. The SoldierTech article is titled "SUPPLIES AWAY: CopterBox Airdrop Delivery System". We linked to that article in our DefRev heads-up blurb, titled "SUPPLIES AWAY: CopterBox Airdrop Delivery System for U.S. SPECOPS/SPECWAR".

In case you haven’t read either article yet, we suggest that you do, when you have time. CopterBox is a very innovative airdrop delivery/aerial resupply system that’s ideal for delivering needed munitions, food, medical supplies, etc. to military and private military company (PMC) operators in the field. Private military companies (PMCs) are now integral players in the War on Terror, and are tasked with protecting American and foreign assets around the world, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq. These security operations are obviously likely to be ongoing for quite some time into the future.

Well, Chase Warren, Director of Engineering for Dropmaster, Inc., just sent us an email update on CopterBox, so we’re sharing it with our readers. Here it is:…

The following email letter has been content-edited, as certain aspects of the original letter are confidential.

From: Chase Warren [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2005 9:46 AM
To: David Crane
Subject: CopterBox Update


We are fully tooled up for production. I have updated the video on the website and added a PDF called ‘Why CopterBox‘. It’s all on the Dropmaster, Inc. CopterBox multimedia page.

Also, we have greatly simplified the automatic depoyment system so that it is much easier for the end-user to assemble. Deployment reliability has also been enhanced. This simplification also eliminates the need for a rigging tool we included in the previous design.

Feel free to put an update on if you like.


Chase Warren
Director of Engineering
DropMaster, Inc."

If you would like to receive more information on CopterBox, or you would like to place an order for it, you can contact DropMaster, Inc. by phone at 910-630-3269, or by email at [email protected].

Update: CopterBox Airdrop Delivery System for Military/PMC Counterinsurgency Ops by

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