SUPPLIES AWAY: CopterBox Airdrop Delivery System for U.S. SPECOPS/SPECWAR

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by David Crane
[email protected]

If you’ve already read my first article on CopterBox, titled CopterBox Expendable Airdrop Delivery System for Ammo, Food, Meds, and More, and found it interesting, you should definitely check out a more in-depth article on CopterBox at SoldierTech. SoldierTech’s editorial staff did an absolutely superlative job with the new CopterBox article’s layout, format and overall look (Actually, their articles just look great, in general.).

As a quick primer: CopterBox is a very exciting product for the military Special Operations/Special Warfare (SPECOPS/SPECWAR) community, military infantry (U.S. Army and Marine Corps) in general, private military companies (PMC’s), and emergency service personnel. It’s essentially a helicopter-like autorotating airdropped goodie bag designed specifically for resupplying the above-mentioned personnel extremely quickly, easily, and inexpensively inside dangerous theaters of operation, where time means life. If CopterBox is adopted by the U.S. military and private military companies (PMC’s), DefenseReview believes it will prove to be extremely beneficial and useful to our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, not only for combat operations, but also for humanitarian ops.

Click on the link below to view the SoldierTech article on CopterBox:…,14632,Soldiertech_CopterBox,,00.html

The just-published CopterBox article is titled SUPPLIES AWAY: CopterBox Airdrop Delivery System.

DefenseReview hopes you find it worth reading, and enjoy it.

Click here to visit the SoldierTech homepage. DefenseReview highly recommends that our readers check it out. It’s a great (and valuable) resource.

SUPPLIES AWAY: CopterBox Airdrop Delivery System for U.S. SPECOPS/SPECWAR by

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