Addendum: New Ruger P345 .45ACP Polymer-Framed Pistol (w/Picatinny Rail) for CCW

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by David Crane

If you’ve already read our article on the Ruger P345 .45ACP pistol, titled "New Ruger P345 .45ACP Polymer-Framed Pistol (w/Picatinny Rail) for CCW", we’ve just found another article for you to read on the new pistol. Jeff Quinn has written an excellent review of the Ruger P345 .45ACP pistol at You can read it by clicking on the article link provided below. It’s definitely worth reading, especially if you’re thinking about purchasing the P345. According to Mr. Quinn, the Ruger P345 pistol (.45ACP) proved to be totally reliable during his test. This is what he had to say on the subject:

"Shooting the P345 with a variety of factory and handloaded ammunition, the new Ruger proved to be absolutely reliable with everything tried. The double-action pull measured a smooth eight pounds and five ounces, and the single-action pull measured five pounds and six ounces. I shot the weapon from…

every possible angle, holding the gun upside down, vertical, and on either side to encourage a malfunction. The gun never stuttered. The cartridge is held by the large extractor while being fed from the magazine, offering a type of controlled-round feeding system, and it works very well. Recoil was brisk but easily manageable from the lightweight pistol, and rapid-fire drills were very easy to perform. The P345 was plenty accurate for social work, grouping a magazine load of ammo into less than three inches at twenty-five yards, with some loads grouping right at two and one-half inches."

DefenseReview wanted to quote the above passage, since reliability and combat accuracy are where the proverbial rubber really meets the road for any firearm designed for "serious social work" and/or specifically for concealed carry (CCW).

Click here to read Jeff Quinn’s full review of the Ruger P345 pistol (.45ACP) at

Addendum: New Ruger P345 .45ACP Polymer-Framed Pistol (w/Picatinny Rail) for CCW by

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