Tyrant Designs Halo AR-15 Series Handstop (also written, Hand Stop) for Better Control in a Skeletonized, Streamlined and Minimalist Profile!

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By Jeff Gurwitch

October 4, 2017

I’ve always been a fan of running some sort of fore grip or hand stop on all my ARs, as I find that using one allows me to better pull back on the carbine, thus aiding in steadying the carbine during initial shot, and helping to manage recoil between shots. I don’t have a specific type I always use. I simply use whichever vertical foregrip [also written fore grip), angled foregrip, or hand stop seems to best facilitate my method of holding onto the fore arm using a C-clamp grip with a slight relaxed bend in the support arm.

The latest one I’m using on one of my 16-inch 3-Gun rifles is a hand stop from Tyrant Designs, their HALO AR-15 Series Handstop [or, Hand Stop]. It’s a small machined aluminum handstop just big enough for your pinky and ring finger to rest against, offering that little extra purchase for your support hand to pull back on.

I found the Tyrant Designs HALO AR-15 Handstop to be perfect for facilitating a strong C-clamp grip on the AR, aiding both weapon manipulation and recoil control.

On Top of the Current Trend

Offering about 2 inches of length for your hand to rest against, The HALO AR-15 Series Handstop is a very minimalistic design, perfect for those looking for something that offers a little extra grip without being too obtrusive on the forearm. One of the main reasons why you do not see vertical grips at all any more in 3-gun is that shooters have found that having a 3-4 inch long grip is not only not needed, but can get in the way of trying to manipulate the rifle around barriers and through ports and such.

HALO AR-15 Hand Stop left and right views mounted to a M-LOK forearm. The Halo Handstop is perfect for those looking for a functional-but-minimalist grip aid.

The Tyrant Designs Halo AR-15 Handstop is a perfect compromise, just enough for your pinky and ring finger to rest against (allowing you to pull back on the rifle), and not so large as to get in the way while changing your grip on the rifle to fit the shot you need to take. Nor will it interfere with your mobility and/or speed as you manipulate the rifle around, depending on the situation, moving and shooting, around cover, through a port, and so on.

HALO AR-15 Handstop offers just enough purchase for your hand to pull back on, aiding in steadying the carbine.

You can see from this pic just how unobtrusive the HALO Hand Stop is. It’s just barely noticeable behind my C-clamp grip.

The HALO AR-15 Hand Stop comes with the mounting accessories to fit either KeyMod or M-LOK tactical handguards/rail systems (sorry, Picatinny rail users, you’re out of luck). Note: Most shooters these days run slick rails, and M-LOK seems to have won the rail wars in terms of what everyone is going to. This includes Special Operations Forces (SOF) soldiers/warfighters. And, the Geissele Automatics Super Modular M-LOK rails seem to be slowly becoming the rails of choice.

Halo AR-15 Handstop comes with mounting screws for both KeyMod and M-LOK.

Close-ups of Tyrant Designs HALO AR-15 Handstop. I think it’s a super-cool futuristic-looking handstop.

The HALO Handstop also facilitates my technique for steadying the AR when having to shoot off a barrier, more specifically, hooking the carbine off the front barrier and pulling back on the rifle.

The Wrap Up

I think Tyrant Designs is being smart about where the future of forearms for the AR is going. The HALO AR-15 Handstop is a great option for those looking for something that’s “just enough” on the forearm for additional hand support. And, currently priced at $42.95 USD MSRP (as of this writing), I also think it’s one heck of a deal, especially when you consider that it’s in the same price range as most polymer grips, while being a machined aluminum part!

About the Author:
Jeff Gurwitch is retired U.S Army Special Forces (SF).
26 years active duty, 19 years with SF.
15 years’ competitive shooting experience; USPSA, IDPA and 3 Gun.

Company Contact Info:

Tyrant Designs
10134 Pacific Ave, Franklin Park, IL 60131
Phone: 847-447-0378
Email: info@tyrantcnc.com
Website: https://www.tyrantcnc.com

Geissele Automatics
800 North Wales Road
North Wales, PA 19454
Phone (610) 272-2060
Fax (610) 272-2069
Email Contact Page: https://geissele.com/contact
Website: https://geissele.com

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Tyrant Designs Halo AR-15 Series Handstop (also written, Hand Stop) for Better Control in a Skeletonized, Streamlined and Minimalist Profile! by

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