Tyrant Designs Glock 43 +3 Mag (Magazine) Extension and Gen4 and Gen5 Glock Extended Magazine Release Button: More Rounds and Faster Reloads for Concealed Carry (CCW)!

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By Jeff Gurwitch

December 12, 2018

DefenseReview (DRO was first introduced to Tyrant Designs products with their HALO AR15 Hand Stop, a perfect grip accessory, especially for those looking something that’s both very ergonomic and low profile. Now, Tyrant Designs is offering a few different Glock accessories featuring the same high-quality CNC machining and attention to detail as their tactical AR (AR-15) products.

I’ve just spent the last month testing two Tyrant Designs products specifically designed for Glock pistols, a magazine extension for the Glock 43 (G43), and an extended magazine release that fits both Gen 4 and 5, Glock 17 thru 39 frames. Like their HALO hand stop, I have found both items to be of high quality and work great. In fact, I like the extended magazine release so much, it has found a permanent home on my primary EDC, a Gen5 G19 (Glock 19).

Tyrant Designs Gen4 and Gen5 Glock Extended Magazine Release (EMR)

Made from machined aluminum, the Tyrant Designs Gen4 and Gen5 Glock Extended Magazine Release (EMR) features a very aggressive “Chevron pattern” texturing, and is offered in five different colors. Being a traditionalist, I chose a black one to try out. Installing it was not problem. And, as far as function goes, I can say it works great! By that I mean that when it’s depressed, it ejects magazines smoothly. I have come across other brands of extended mag releases that’ve had issues where the mags seem to hang up and don’t eject smoothly–not a problem with Tyrant Designs EMR.

Tyrant Designs EMR mounted in Gen 5 G19 (right) compared to OEM Magazine release in Gen 4 G19 (left). The EMR offers a much more positive surface, facilitating easier depressing of the button.

Now, the EMR’s described as extended, but really, compared to a factory button, I couldn’t feel a difference as far as extra length extending out from the grip frame. Perhaps, measured with a caliper, it proves a little longer, but by feel, it doesn’t seem longer than a factory button, which actually isn’t a bad thing, as I’ll cover later. But where it truly shines is with the chevron texturing across the surface. There are three deep chevrons cut into the face, allowing for a much more positive feel over an OEM magazine release.

While competitive shooters looking for a truly extended mag release might find the TD EMR lacking, on a positive note, I think the entire design and lack of noticeable extension actually works, and makes it perfect for carry guns and tactical use, since one concern with using extended magazine releases with carry guns is working well with concealment holsters.

Close-up of the EMR. Notice the super deep chevron cuts in the face of the button. The aggressive pattern aids in both finding it and pressing it with one’s thumb. I should also point out that while it’s aggressive, there are no sharp edges anywhere on it.

Due to how close the pistol sits against the body, with most carry holsters, especially inside-the-waistband (IWB) concealed carry (CCW) holsters, there’s a chance the button can accidentally be pushed via holster tightness or body tension, resulting in the magazine being ejected. Not good. Well, I can say that with the Tyrant Designs EMR, I had no issues while my G19 rode in bot a Blade-Tech IWB holster and G-Code INCOG IWB holster, respectively. So, for those looking for a much more positive magazine release that’s perfect for sweaty hands, wet environments, and while wearing gloves, I think the Tyrant Designs EMR is a great option, especially for every day carry and tactical set-ups.

It should be noted that Tyrant Designs also makes an EMR for the Glock 43.

G43 +3 Magazine Extension

Why would you want an extended magazine on a sub-compact pistol? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of carrying a sub-compact in the first place? Well sure, carrying a G43 (Glock 43) concealed, there’s a good chance that an extended magazine’s going to print more, giving away the fact that you’re armed. But, that’s not how you should be thinking when it comes to extended mags and carrying concealed.

While great for concealment, the smaller-sized, reduced-capacity magazines for compact and sub-compact pistols leave you with a very limited number of rounds in an actual gunfight. Also not good. Hence, I always carry an extended or full-size spare magazine on me for a reload. For my EDC G19, I run a standard 15-round mag in it. My spare is an OEM +2 extended magazine.

The Tyrant Designs +3 Extender for the G43 isn’t only super-fancy looking with its machined cut outs on the sides, reducing both width and weight. It’s also proven to be very reliable. I should like to also point out that when using a two-handed grip, you can’t even see there’s a magazine extension sticking out of the bottom of the pistol.

Tyrant Designs +3 G43 Magazine Extension, both reliable and very cool looking.

Even more nifty is the way the Tyrant Designs Glock 43 +3 Magazine Extension secures to the bottom of the magazine. Unlike a lot of other extensions that slide on and then require a certain tool to screw in some sort of set screw to lock it in place, the Tyrant Designs base plate locks in place via a spring-loaded plunger that requires no special tool to depress.

Using the flat edge of screw driver or the side of a knife blade, one simply depresses the plunger, then rocks the magazine into place. The extension rides firmly on the magazine body with no play. So, for EDC, having three extra rounds in the reloaded mag is a good thing. After all, one can never have too much ammo on them when faced with a threat. So, if you own a G43, I highly recommend purchasing at least one TD Glock 43 +3 Mag Extension to outfit either a spare mag to keep on you or in your car, or near your bed, giving you the ability to plus up if the need arises.

Note the small spring-loaded plunger behind the magazine body. It does a superb job keeping the extension in place, while at the same time being very easy to manipulate when installing or removing the extension from the magazine body (Requires just something flat to depress it.).

The Wrap Up

Everything I’ve seen from Tyrant Designs so far has proven to be very well made, affordable and cool looking. Let’s face it, as most gun owners know, looks do count! I’ve asked them if there’s a plus-5 (+5)-round mag extension in the works for G19 and G17 mags, and they’ve told me they’re working on it. If it turns out anything like their G43 extension, I have no doubt it will not only work flawlessly, but also have a pretty cool look.

About the Author:
Jeff Gurwitch is retired U.S Army Special Forces (SF).
26 years active duty, 19 years with SF.
15 years’ competitive shooting experience; USPSA, IDPA and 3 Gun.

Company Contact Info:

Tyrant Designs
10134 Pacific Ave, Franklin Park, IL 60131
Phone: 847-447-0378
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.tyrantcnc.com

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Tyrant Designs Glock 43 +3 Mag (Magazine) Extension and Gen4 and Gen5 Glock Extended Magazine Release Button: More Rounds and Faster Reloads for Concealed Carry (CCW)! by

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