Tech Valley Technologies (TVT) Human Interactive Target System (HITS): 3D Reactive Target System with Hit Location Technology for Live-Fire/Lethal Tactical Shooting and Force-On-Force CQB/CQC Gunfighting Training (Video!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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December 24, 2012

While DefenseReview (DR) was running through the Phoenix RBT Solutions Portable Training Facility mission-configurable shoot house, we got to try out one of ;Tech Valley Technologies' (TVT) sensor-laiden 3D (3-Dimensional) reactive target systems with "Hit Location Technology". It was illuminating. The TVT 3-D reactive targets are actually designed primarily for live-fire tactical shooting/combat shooting training with both rifle and pistol ammunition, but they can also be used with Ultimate Training Munitions Man Marker Round (UTM MMR) force-on-force training ammo, since they will react the same way when getting hit by the much weaker non-lethal MMR rounds. This makes the TVT targets extremely versatile.

The most interesting and sophisticated TVT product would appear to be the Human Interactive Target System (HITS), a ;human-simulating 3D reactive target system featuring ;a 360-degree shoot-through Hit-Location-Technology sensor system that allows you to shoot the target from any angle, track all the hits, and immediately analyze the shooter's performance in exhaustive fashion. The target will react to all hits, including those from UTM MMR rounds, and the hits can be monitored on laptops in real-time by instructors, who can then score said hits and classify them as either "mortal or "non-mortal" (lethal or less-lethal).

The sensor matrix is a gridded wrap-around polymer sheet that's quickly and easily replaceable. Once a TVT sensor sheet gets saturated with holes, just swap it out with a new sheet, slap some new threads (clothing) on the target, and get back on the trigger for some more ballistic rockin' n' rollin'. Bing, bang, boom.

According to TVT CEO Bruce Hodge, the base target material is "rotational high-density polyethylene"/HDPE rotational moding resin, making the targets lightweight and highly functional for close quarters battle/close quarters combat (CQB/CQC), medium-range shooting, and long-range-interdiction (i.e., sniping) training.

DR got to peruse a plethora of TVT target systems at HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit 2012, including the Human Interactive Target System (HITS), Multi-Purpose Live Fire Target System (MLFTS), Urban Target System (UTS), Thermal Infantry Silhouette Targets (SIT/GTT), Infantry Combat Identification Targets (ICID), Vehicle Combat Identification Targets (VCID), Personnel Photorealistic Targets and Vehicle Photorealistic Targets, and they all utilize the aforementioned core 3-D sensor target system. ;The thermal/IR (Infrared) target systems incorporate TVT's patented and proprietary Gradient Thermal Technology (GTT) for enhanced realism and all-weather and nighttime gunfighting training.

All targets are potentially mobile, thanks to the wheeled base provided by Strategic Systems, Inc. (SSI).

The Tech Valley Technologies 3-D reactive target system is the mos advanced and sophisticated such system DefenseReview has seen, and we look forward to working more with the system (live-fire and force-on-force) as soon as possible.

The following information on the TVT HITS target system comes from the company's website:

"HITS (Human Interactive Target System)

The Human Interactive Target System (HITS) is a programmable contact based mannequin target scoring system for live fire that accurately scores and differentiates between mortal and non-mortal hits while presenting user defined behaviors commensurate with the engagement results. The HITS mannequin collapses in a vertical position when hit, providing instant feedback to the shooter while allowing for placement behind cover and in tight quarters.

Performance Specs:

– Hit Sensing .001 seconds acquisition
– Environmental Capabilities: MIL STD 810G compliant
– FASIT compliant, UOTS defined
– Power Supply: AC Power 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 56/60 Hz


– Actuations & Hit Modes: Expose, Conceal, Non-Lethal Hit Bob, Lethal Hit Collapse
– Variable Hit Sensitivity Remotely Adjustable from 1-200 hits
– Expose/Conceal Time programmable up to 9 seconds
– Certified above 100,000 cycles
– Live Fire tested for 223 (5.56), 308 (7.62) and .50 cal engagements
– Communications Systems: TVT control software uses WIFI or Ethernet connections
– Target Size: Human Type Target, 3D mannequin
– Dimensions-Target Upright with Lifter: 73in.Hx22in.Wx29in.L
– Dimensions-Target Collapsed with Lifter: 29in.Hx22in.Wx38in.L
– Target Weight with lifter: 120 pounds
– One man portable: target/lifter has wheels and luggage handle
– Manuals and schematics provided
– Options: Motion sensors shoot back integration system"

Company Contact Info:

Tech Valley Technologies, Inc. (TVT)
267 Ballard Road, Suite 2
Wilton, NY 12831-1357
Phone: (518) 584-8899
Fax: (518) 584-8819

Strategic Systems, Inc. (SSI)
3434 Central Parkway SW
Decatur, AL 35603
Phone: 256-301-5400
Fax: 256-301-5456
Email Contact Page:


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Tech Valley Technologies (TVT) Human Interactive Target System (HITS): 3D Reactive Target System with Hit Location Technology for Live-Fire/Lethal Tactical Shooting and Force-On-Force CQB/CQC Gunfighting Training (Video!) by

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