R.A.P.AIR™ Force-on-Force Instructor Training and Certification Program

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The follwowing is an Awareness Protective Consultants LLC/Real Action Paintball LLC (RAP4) press release:

Awareness Protective Consultants LLC and Real Action Paintball LLC (RAP4) Launch R.A.P.AIR™ Force-On-Force Instructor Training and Certification Course

Awareness Protective Consultants LLC
and Real Action Paintball LLC (RAP4)  proudly announce the launching of their new 3-day R.A.P.AIR™ force-on-force instructor certification program. The first training program will be held at the East Brunswick training center located at 23 Harts Lane East Brunswick New Jersey on November 29, 30, and December 1 2005.

The 3-day force-on-force instructor certification program incorporates RAP4’s marking systems and Air Soft training systems, which allow law enforcement, military and security specialists train in a more “real time” environment without exceeding agency budgets to extreme levels.  The benefits of obtaining the R.A.P. AIR™ Instructor certification is endless." said Jose Medina, Director of Training Operations.  "The importance of having a good force-on-force training system incorporated into an agency training program should be…

a priority to all law enforcement, military and security training fields. Once students have a basic set of firearms skills, the emphasis of their firearms training should be on force-on-force exercises against other students, where the basic skills are used under stress. Our training concepts can take multiple live-fire drills and convert them to a force-on-force exercise replacing static targets with role players that provide realistic target movement as well as return fire." Explained Jose Medina, Director of Training Operations.
R.A.P.AIR™ force-on-force training system is safe and effective since it gives the trainers the ability to create mock enemies to shooting back at the students and teaches the students what they did wrong.|
 "Good training should hurt but never injure!", says Jose Medina.

The course will give the future instructors the certification in the R.A.P.AIR™ Training weapon systems, breakdown of the weapon systems, weapons safety handling, tactical mindset training, familiarization training in safe scenario staging, actual force-on-force evolutions and case law information applicable to the force-on-force environment. 

For more on training information, please contact Jose Medina at medina@apcsecurities.net or at 732-878-0701 or visit http://rap4.com/training.

R.A.P.AIR™ Force-on-Force Instructor Training and Certification Program by

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