RevMedx XStat Hemostatic Dressing Injection: Blood Clotting Agents Go Injectable, and Gunshot Wound Healing Gets Easier

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

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February 4, 2014

So, if you're either unlucky, stupid or criminal enough to get shot with some of that supposedly crazy-destructive ammo we just covered in the previous article, and your insides get turned into mulch, you'd better hope somebody's got one or more of those nufangled RevMedx XStat injectable hemostatic dressing/clotting agent/wound fillers, not that even something like that can help you all that much–but it's certainly better than nothin', and definitely beats bleeding out where you lie.

According to the RevMedx website, XStat utilizes compressed sponges coated with a hemostatic agent. When the sponges are injected into the wound, they expand and create a blood flow barrier and large clotting surface. Just think of it as a big ol' injectable tampon for your bullet hole(s) (that looks like some kind of probe), and something these guys could have really used, although, admittedly, theirs would have been challenging medical cases to treat, and they would have needed a lot of XStats and some really good surgeons–but that's just one more reason why you don't want to screw with the Christopher Walken, or Laurence Fishburne (and definitely not both of them simultaneously). Oh, and don't forget David Caruso's also pretty dangerous when he's pissed.

Anyway, the Xstat-30's and XStat-12's sponges also contain a "radiopaque marker for easy detection via X-ray", so you don't leave any of them in the wound post-op. There's just one caveat: XStat is currently listed as an "investigational device", so it would appear the FDA hasn't signed off on it yet and approved it for use by emergency response personnel (unconfirmed/unverified).

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RevMedx XStat Hemostatic Dressing Injection: Blood Clotting Agents Go Injectable, and Gunshot Wound Healing Gets Easier by

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