Thursday, September 28, 2023

Militec-1 Weapons Lubricant

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Defense Review has come across what may just be the ultimate lubricant for small arms. Many of those "in the know" in the firearms biz and military circles are currently using this state-of-the-art lubricant, and swearing by it.

Militec, Inc. states in their company literature that MILITEC-1 is a "chemically-reacted synthetic-based hydrocarbon derivative metal conditioner that protects metal with a constant synthetic-based impregnated molecular bond." They then go on to state that "Militec-1 protects metal surfaces with a constant impregnated molecular bond of synthetic-based hydrocarbon derivatives which will not change any tolerances inside or outside of weapons. MILITEC-1 works within the molecular structure and micropores of metal and non-metallic surfaces of weapons." This is all basically a fancy-shmancy way of stating that Militech-1 impregnates the surface of the metal, rather than simply coating it, like traditional lubricants do. This results in a much longer lasting lubrication that can also withstand higher temperatures resulting from prolongued firing.

Defense Review looks forward to conducting an extensive test of Militec-1, to see how it performs against all the other popular weapons lubricants that are currently out there.

To go to Militec, Inc.’s website and read all the company literature on Militec-1, CLICK HERE.

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