Heads-Up-Display (HUD) for Small Arms

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Electro-Optics Technologies(EOTech), has come out with the first true holographic site for small arm weaponry. Eotech calls it their HOLOgraphic Diffraction Sight, or HDS. The company claims their technology offers a significant increase in both speed and peripheral vision capability for the operator in close quarters battle(CQB) environments.

Unlike most red dot tube sights, the EOTech unit does not restrict or tunnel the operator’s vision in any way. Interestingly, with holography, the information for the reticle is recorded everywhere in the Head-Up display window, so even if the window breaks, or is partially obstructed, the sight remains functional, as long as part of the window remains unobstructed.

Also unlike standard red dot sights, the HDS actually projects the image of the reticle onto the target itself, so there is no possiblity for parallax or for any focus differential between reticle and target. Like any mil-spec reticle site, the EOTech can be used in conjunction with weapon-mounted night vision equipment for night operations.

The company’s top of the line unit is the EOTech M550. The M550 is currently available with a AA battery option. The the company claims that the AA version extends the battery life on the M550 to over 500 hours at the nominal daylight setting and allows operation in extreme artic temperatures. The M550 apparently accommodates all versions of AA batteries including lithium, alkaline, and rechargeable types. The author personally thinks that the AA option is definitely the way to go.

The question that the author has about the unit is with regards to its durability. Defense Review would very much like to acquire one of these units for extensive field testing in the not too distant future.

To go to EOTech’s site, and read more information about the HDS,

Heads-Up-Display (HUD) for Small Arms by

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