New Valtro 1911

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There’s a new 1911 just coming onto the market that has received some very positive reviews by some very experienced people.

The Valtro 1998 A1 is the brainchild of John Jardine, nephew of the late great Armand Swenson. John is a gunsmith in his own right(after all, he learned from one of the best), and can modify the pistols even further.

All pistols are being made to John’s specific specs by Valtro of Italy, and are being imported and distributed by Valtro USA. According to Mr. Jardine, the pistols are being manufactured using a higher grade of steel than their competitors, as well as some other features that will make the pistols stand out against the competition.

The following is a quote from respected fireams instructor Randy Cain, that he made on

"The Valtro is the best production 1911 I have ever seen. It has a forged frame and a forged slide and they make ALL their OWN parts. No MIM crap. Everything is hard, tool steel. The gun is designed to Jardine’s specs.

It has most everything you’d want already done to include checkering of front strap, Ed Brown STYLE grip safety (they make all their own parts, remember?). The only thing I found that I didn’t care for was the Bomar STYLE adjustable sights. John tells me that they will have other models coming out later with fixed sights.

The specimens I held at the SHOT show were tight as a drum. Fit and finish were superb! They retail for $1100. I think it likely that they are going to blow the doors off Springfield and Kimber. It’s really a MUCH better pistol."

The guns are being imported and distributed by Valtro USA, which can be contacted at:

1281 Anderson Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901

The guns will also be available in Canada through Wolverine Supplies. To see the Valtro pistol, just
Click Here

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