McNett’s DoubleTap Ammunition Equalizer 165gr and 80gr 9mm +P Duplex Rounds at up to 1400-1600 Feet Per Second (FPS)! Are They “The Heat”, or Just Hype? Latest Gimmick or Ballistic Gold?

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By David Crane
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October 28, 2012

DefenseReview (DR) was recently alerted by one of our readers to's interview of McNett's DoubleTap Ammunition President/CEO Mike McNett on the DoubleTap Equalizer 80gr 9mm +P duplex round (DR's term) that, according to, utilizes a jacketed hollow point bullet "loaded over the top of a lead ball". Anyone familiar wit the Colt ACR (Advanced Combat Rifle) duplex round knows that DoubleTap didn't invent the concept, but they're the first company introduce this type of round, recently, as far as we're aware, particularly in a pistol card

Defense Review is generally skeptical of duplex rounds (rifle and/or pistol), since they not only seem a bit unnecessary and gimmicky, but also create some potential accuracy challenges, tactical situational challenges in certain scenarios (family member taken hostage, dynamic, fluid defensive situations with innocent people in the background, etc.), and even possible additional legal liability from aggressive and/or unsympathetic district attornys (think Trayvon Martin case a.k.a. State of Florida v. George Zimmerman).

And, yet, still, McNett’s DoubleTap Equalizer 165-grain and 80-grain 9mm Parabellum/9x19mm NATO +P duplex rounds intrigue Defense Review from a design, execution and ballistic performance perspective. In cross section, they look pretty neat. We’re curious to know just how much of a tactical advantage they provide the shooter over high-quality, battle-proven conventional hollow-point rounds from Federal, Winchester, Remington, Cor-Bon, and DoubleTap, itself. Do they? If so, how much, and is it measurable via empirical data? If it is, is it worth the potential additional legal risk? These are all questions that must be asked and answered. But, until then, let’s look at the info we have.

The only differences between the two DoubleTap Equalizer rounds appear to be bullet type, grain weight and velocity. The following information comes directly from the McNett’s DoubleTap Ammunition website:

"9mm+P 165gr. Equalizer JHP 20rds $25.70

These loads are low flash. They are a great option for personal defense.

Caliber : 9mm+P

Bullet: Two projectiles with each shot. One 115gr. JHP made to expand at lower velocity, followed by a 50gr. flat nosed hardcast bullet for a second wound channel with deep penetration.

Ballistics : 165gr @ 995fps / 365ft. lbs. from a Beretta 92FS. Ruger SR9 – 900fps. / 297 ft lbs

Box of 20rds."

"9mm 80gr. Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free 20rds $26.73

This is a load that was designed from the ground up to shoot in your tiny sub compact 9mm. It runs at standard 9mm pressures with a very light recoil. This load is an excellent choice for home defense or CCW where limited penetration is needed. You will get excellent stopping power with less chance of overpenetration.

Caliber : 9mm

Bullet : 80gr Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free

Ballistics : 80gr @ 1560fps / 433ft. lbs. from a G17. Ruger SR9C 3.5" velocity – 1400fps.

Box of 20rds."

DoubleTap Equalizer ammo is available at Midway USA. Midway is a very good ammo supplier in general, by the way.

DR attempted to get in touch with Mr. McNett by phone this past week to interview him by phone about DoubleTap Equilizer ammo and get his perspective on it, but we were unsuccessful. We left some messages, and we'll keep trying. Like we said, the ammo's interesting, so we hope to get our hands on some (9mm) at some point to run at the range. In the meantime, take a look at the video clips below:

Photo Credit: DoubleTap Ammo

Hat Tip:

Company Contact Info:

McNett's DoubleTap Ammunition 646 S. Main St. #333 Cedar City, UT 84720 Phone: 866-357-1066 (10MM) Fax: 435-867-8524 Email: [email protected] Website:

Midway USA (DoubleTap Ammunition Dealer/Distributor) Toll Free: 800-243-3220 Phone: 573-447-5116 Fax: 573-445-6093 Email CS: [email protected] Email Intl. Sales: [email protected] Website:

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McNett’s DoubleTap Ammunition Equalizer 165gr and 80gr 9mm +P Duplex Rounds at up to 1400-1600 Feet Per Second (FPS)! Are They “The Heat”, or Just Hype? Latest Gimmick or Ballistic Gold? by

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