Desert Tactical Arms (DTA) Launches Com-Link, The Official Hub for DTA Anti-Materiel and Sniper Rifle End-Users!

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The following is a Desert Tactical Arms (DTA) Press Release:

November 2, 2012
Announcing Com-Link: Your Official DTA Hub. 
As of last week, "Com-Link", the official Desert Tactical Arms user hub is launched and running!
In it you will find:
Video tutorials
Photo gallery
Free downloadable wallpapers
Exclusive promotions from DTA, DTM, and Sniper Country
Advanced notice of products and events
Plus a ton more!
Why Com-Link?
For several years, Desert Tactical Arms users and enthusiasts have been sharing their experiences and feedback around the internet, on a variety of blogs, forums, and social media platforms. 
With the inception of Com-Link however, Desert Tactical has finally created a place they can call home. 
No longer will someone with a question about a caliber conversion or adjusting the trigger need to browse the entire internet looking for answers! Instead, they will be able to go to one central location and engage directly with both experienced users, and the Desert Tactical team
It Gets Even Better.
As if this weren’t enough, Com-Link will also host announcements, updates, reviews and specials from DTA’s 2 sister companies: Desert Tactical Munitions and Sniper Country Training
Both of these companies have some really exciting things on the horizon, that will be announced soon (including a couple of super impressive loads coming out of DTM’s shop!). 
You’re Invited. 
If you're looking for the inside buzz on all things Desert Tactical, you've found it. 
We’d love to hear about your experiences with our products and long range shooting in general. So swing by Com-Link, post some photos, swap some tall tales on our forum, and make yourself at home. 
Additionally, if you have suggestions for articles, videos, features, or bugs that should be worked out in it’s infancy—send them our way. This is your community, so make your voice heard, and we will do what we can to make it happen.  
Look forward to seeing you there. 
Dan Carpenter
Community Manager
Desert Tactical Arms

Company Contact Info:

Desert Tactical Arms (DTA)
P.O. Box 65816
Salt Lake City, UT 84165
Phone: 801-975-7272
Fax: 801-908-6425
Email: Military Sales: (Dave Liwanag)
Email Law Enforcement Sales: (Mike Davis)
Email Dealer Support: (Ben Romney)
Email Training –
Email Warranty –
Email Marketing –

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Desert Tactical Arms (DTA) Launches Com-Link, The Official Hub for DTA Anti-Materiel and Sniper Rifle End-Users! by

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