Maddox Defense (MD) FALKON DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle): Lean, Green and Very Mean Hydrogen Fuel/Biofuel Fast Attack Vehicle/Light Tactical Vehicle (FAV/LTV) Baja Racer

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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December 3, 2012
Last updated on 12/03/12.

The Maddox Defense team was kind enough to take (DR) through the main points of the Maddox Defense FALKON Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) at HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit 2012. The MD FALKON DPV is essentially a ruggedized "green" Baja racer-type fast attack vehicle (FAV)/light tactical vehicle that utilizes a Hessgen Hydrogen Fuel System that gives the military Special Operations Forces (SOF) assaulters/operators riding in it approximately 20% better fuel economy and 20% more power with 65% less carbon emissions, "which allows you to go longer, faster and harder", according to company owner Jason Maddox. approximately 20% more.. So, "green means tactical", according to Maddox.

The MD FALKON DPV fast attack vehicle DR was shown at HALO has over 500 horsepower (hp), can run at a sustained 120 mph off-road, do a 10-second quarter mile, and "take a Ferrari off the line any day". In other words, its one badass wheeled light tactical vehicle that will allow you to fight your way into and out of extremely hostile situations and leave a small carbon footprint while you're doing it. The phrase "kill 'em clean" comes to mind. Top speed is 160 mph, which is impressive. This is the kind of green DR can get behind.

Since the MD Falkon DPV is a fast attack vehicle, and not just your run-of-the-mill baja racer, you can mount weapons on it. Specifically, you can mount an FN M249 SAW/MK46 MOD 1, FN MK48 MMG/GPMG, U.S. Ordance M60E4/MK43 MOD 1 Commando MMG/GPMG, or even a U.S. Ordnance M2HB QCB (Quick Change Barrel) (or pretty much any other machine gun you want) on it and go to town on hostiles. The vehicle features a stand-up swivel seat for the gunner.

The MD FALKON DPV also has a clean air breathing system (HEPA filtered air), BFGoodrich Baja T/A run-flat tires that can keep running at 55-60 mph even if your tires are shot out, an LS1/LS2 engine or biodiesel engine (customer's choice), and Fox Racing Shox (shock absorbers). It would appear that the vehicle camo (vehicle camouflage) skin wrap was provided by Ride Designs (unconfirmed/unverified). The vehicle can be configured as a tactical 4-seater or medivac vehicle.

Unfortunately, the Maddox Defense FALKON Desert Patrol Vehicle baja racer doesn't come cheap. Current MSRP is $160,000.

A larger 800-hp "Trophy Truck" is currently in production for the Baja 1000 and should be coming out any day.

The following information comes from the Maddox Defense website and MD Falkon DPV fact sheet:

"Maddox Defense DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle)

Maddox Defense's Expeditionary Mobility Group develops all-terrain vehicles for the most austere battle and expeditionary conditions. Ranging from Greentec Algae fueled motorcycles to Light Armored fast moving Dune Buggies Maddox Defense can support your most off road needs.

Our Off Road vehicles can be incorporated with our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology offering more horsepower, better fuel economy and less carbon output.

MD FALKON DPV (Desert Patrol vehicle)

The FALKON DPV is built from a rugged and proven off-road platform designed from the ground up handle the most austere and challenging terrain. Our Go-Anywhere DPV is capable of Climbing, Fording, Turning, Clearing, and enduring whatever is put in front of it outperforming other military vehicles. Proven over years of Baja endurance racing for unparalleled speed, torque, stability and reliability while proving super fuel efficiency and mobility. The FALKON DPV is built with the mission in mind.

The FALKON DPV displays extreme performance and versatility while offering protection and capability for today's special operations.


The FALKON DPV is a extended capacity Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV). Designed as an all-terrain lightweight, high performance versatile and adaptable platform that supports various Tactical and Special Operations systems.


As an extended capacity vehicle, the FALKON DPV is specifically designed as a fast moving vehicle for use over all types of roads, as well as cross-country, desert, dune, mountain and other rugged terrain, and in all weather conditions without sacrificing mobility, dependability or performance. The FALKON DPV payload varies by armor configuration and fragmentation kit, ranging from _________to_______ The FALKON DPV is air transportable and droppable, and can be sling-loaded by helicopter.


The FALKON DPV provides superior protection for crew, weapons components, and ammunition. The armor is available in 3 kits. The “A” kit is a level III light armor to provide flexibility for missions that do not require heavy protection. The “B” kit which is factory installed and provides a level 4 ballistic protection, and optional “C” kit, which when combined, provides gapless mine and ballistic protection.

Capability The FALKON DPV is designed to be one of the greatest tactical assets when it comes to fast moving, go anywhere vehicles. For extractions, fast assaults, undetectable surveillance, medevac, reconnaissance and recovery, and remote resupply, the FALKON DPV has the capability to get where you need to go faster then any other vehicle.

Internal Features

The FALKON DPV has standard internal features and equipment such as military grade in-dash GPS unit, rugged performance gauges, HEPA filter clean air breathing system, tactical communicati ons dashboard and headsets, racing harnesses and seat belt system, internal weapons mounts, gear mounts, Mastercraft seats, rugged steel frame construction, rugged steering wheel, grab handles, and more.


The FALKON DPV comes standard with a General Motors LS1 V8 5.7L 410 HP engine. Upgrade engines packages are available with more horsepower, diesel fuel, etc. Each engine is formatted with our patented and exclusive Hessgen hydrogen power system that yields 20% better fuel economy, 20% more Power, and 80% less emissions then the standard engine alone resulting in ultimate reliable performance while becoming more environmentally friendly.

External Features

The FALKON is built from 2” tubular steel frame construction, with full roll cage head and body protection and crash protection The welded and rugged steel frame provides strength so vehicle can be lifted, towed, rigged and dropped from various positions. Full independent and customized off-road long-travel suspension system is built to handle severe and uneven ground terrain even at high speeds while keeping vehicle stable and secure without loss of speed and performance. External mounting upgrades are available for heavy gun mounting, radio and tactical communications, less then lethal and riot control systems, as well as medical and resupply systems.

Comes standard with a High Power LED light bar for illuminating dark terrain as well as ground running headlights to illuminate obstacles. Comes standard with 35” off-road Baja run-flat tires capable of traveling over 100 Miles at 55 MPH. Undercarriage skid plates and protection come standard.


The FALKON DPV continues to deliver high-end performance where other vehicles and mobile assets leave off allowing you to travel over any terrain comfortably at high speeds while maintaining extended capabilities and range. This specialty vehicle allows operators to achieve missions that would otherwise be limited to standard assets.

MD Falkon DPV General Specifications:

GVW: 5,600 Lbs (2,540 KG)
Max Payload: 2,200 Lbs. (997 KG)
Curb Weight: 3,200 Lbs (1,451 KG)
Towed Load Allowance: 1,500 Lbs (680 KG)
Shipping Dimensions: 611 Cubic Ft. (56.76 Cubic M), 177.0 in (4.49M) Length, 89.0 in. (2.26 M) Width, 109.39 SQ FT (10.16 SQ M), 67.0 in. (1.70m) Height
Center of Gravity (AT Curb Weight): 28 In. (71.12 CM) above ground, 84 in. (2.13m) rear of centerline at front axel
Tracks Width: 80 in (2.03m)
Wheelbase: 130 in. (3.30m)
Turning Radius: 23 Ft. (7.01M)
Ground Clearance: 19.7 in. (50.03 cm)
Angle of Approach: 52.0 degree
Angle of Departure: 80.0 degree
Ramp Breakover Angle: 25 degree
Grade Capability (at GCW): 40%
Side Sloper Capability (at GCW): 43%
Climb Capability (at GCW): 22 in. (55.88 cm) verticle stop
Cargo Bed Height (at GCW): N/A
Engine: GM LS1 V8, 5.7L (346 CU IN)
Horsepower: @ 3,800 RPM 410HP
Torque: 420 lb-ft

Specifications – Component & Performance

Transmission: Mendeola Trans Axel 930CVs and 300M Axels, 4 – Speed Automatic, 4 – Speed Standard
Transfer Case: N/A
Differentials: N/A
Frame: 2” Chrome Alloy Multiple Triangulation
Front Suspension: Double A Arm, Adjustable 2.5” Coil Carriers, 2.5” Triple Bipass FOX Shocks
Rear Suspension: Independent Rear Trailing Arm, 3” Coil Carriers, 3” Triple Bipass FOX Shocks
Suspension Travel: Front 17.0”, Rear 24.0”
Wheels: 5 Lug 15” x 10” Aluminum Bead Lock
Tires: 35” BFG Baja Projects 35 x 15R-10
Brakes: Type: C&C Dual Caliper, And C&C Steering Brake, Rotor Size – 15” (381mm)
Electrical System: Dual Voltage 12V/24V
Fuel Capacity: 28.6 Gallons (108.27L)
Fuel Economy (MPG): 14 MPG Road, 9 MPG Extreme Conditions
Performance: 250 Mile (402 km) Cruising Range
0-60 Speed: < 3.9 Seconds
¼ Mile Speed: 10.1 Seconds
Maximum Speed: 135 MPH (217 kph)
Deep Water Fording: 36 In. (0.91m)
Run Flat Capability: 100 miles @ 55 MPH (160km @ 88.52 KPH)
Transportability Modes: Highway, Rail, Marine, and Air

Base FALKON DPV Vehicle
MSRP: $160,000 USD"

Click here to download the Maddox Defense Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) fact sheet.

Company Contact Info:

Jason Maddox
Maddox Defense
6965 El Camino Real Suite 105-516
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Phone: 818-378-8246
Email: [email protected]

Eric Gregory
Hessgen 2 Hydrogen Fuel Solutions/Hessgen, Inc.
5839 Mission Gorge Rd.
San Diego, CA 92120
Phone: 619-624-0411
Email: [email protected]

Fox Racing Shox
915 Disc Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Toll Free: 800.369.7469
Phone: 831.274.6500
Fax: 831.768.9342
Email: [email protected]

Consumer Care Department
BFGoodrich Tires
P.O. Box 19001
Greenville, S.C. 29602-9001
Toll Free: 877-788-8899
Email Contact Form:

Ride Designs
Phone: 858-568-0164

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Maddox Defense (MD) FALKON DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle): Lean, Green and Very Mean Hydrogen Fuel/Biofuel Fast Attack Vehicle/Light Tactical Vehicle (FAV/LTV) Baja Racer by

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