Kellan RF Wireless, Waterproof LED Tactical Lights/Weapon Lights, Pistol Grips and Binary Rail Panel for Low-Light/No-Light Gunfighting at Night with Tactical AR-15 Rifles/Carbines/SBRs

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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November 29, 2012
Last updated on 11/30/12.

While (DR) was at HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit 2012 in San Diego, we were introduced to Kellan RF wireless LED tactical lights (tactical white lights) for tactical AR (AR-15) carbines/SBRs (Short Barreled Rifles)/sub-carbines. The key word there is "wireless", the key component in the Kellan "grip-integrated remote-control lighting system". After all, this is the 21st century, right? In the age of smartphones, bluetooth and WiFi, why go tethered if you don't have to? With the Kellan RF wireless weapon light system, the light activation switch is located in the pistol grip or Mil-Std-1913 "Picatinny" rail panel/rail cover and activated with the shooting hand rather than the support hand on the rail forend or vertical foregrip, giving the operator "trigger control and lighting control in one hand". Kellan's white light weapon lights go up to 350 lumens in power, which is very bright and way more than enough to blind an adversary at night. They can also strobe for enhanced disorientation. There are interchangeable heads for infared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), red and green illumination capability. One of the heads DR saw was a Kellan Ultra Wireless Light with 4-led floodlight head.

Magdalena Woznicki, the Kellan sales executive DR interviewed, told us that the forward-mounted tactical light/weaponlight can't lose the signal from the pistol grip. The light's transmitter and receiver is in the tailcap. "A lot of questions that we have from military and SPECOPS guys is can the signal be jammed, scrambled, can it jump signals? The answer is it cannot. It's not a bluetooth signal. It's a radio frequency, and it's a mix of high and low frequencies, so that it does not show up on anything. If it does show up, it shows up only as background noise," says Woznicki. And, the system is water-resistant/waterproof to 100 feet.

Kellan has partnered with U.S. Palm, MagPul Industries and Hogue Grips for the tactical AR and AK pistol grips, and US Palm handles the rail panel portion. If you prefer a Kalashnikov AKM, Kellan's got you covered.

Kellan is capable of programming 1,000 lights to one remote or 1,000 remotes to one light. Each light is serial numbed and paired to the pistol grip (or rail cover) of your choice. Defense Review would also like to see Kellan develop a wireless vertical foregrip developed for traditionalists who like their activation switch located there. DR has conducted most of our low-light/no-light CQB/CQC (Close Quarters Battle/Close Quarters Combat) gunfighting training with a SureFire M900 series WeaponLight, so it would take some retraining to get used to the activation switch/pressure switch being located in the pistol grip, and we're not yet sold on the idea, to be honest. We'd have to run it to be able to recommend it. The Kellan binary rail panel would constitute an easier transition for obvious reasons.

Defense Review will attempt to obtain a Kellan weaponlight/pistol grip/rail panel combo as soon as possible for T&E. We forgot to ask Ms. Woznicki if you can run a Kellan pistol grip and rail panel simultaneously, so the operator has a choice of which hand to use for activation. We hope so, and we'll try to find out. We still want a wireless vertical foregrip, too, though.

The following information comes from the Kellan website:

"Specifically designed for field use, the RF 1 LED Wireless Tactical Light is powered by a pair of CR123 disposable batteries. Pre-focused beam emits up to 347.5 lumens when set on highest output level. Total of 8 levels of beam output makes this model ideal for special operations in field conditions where versatility and adaptability is essential.

The Kellan RF Wireless Light

Tactical Lights should reveal a Threat, not your position

The RF is the essential tool for all tactical long range and close quarter combat situations. Rifle grip integrated, fore grip integrated or self adhesive slim touch pad remote controls available for AR 15, AK 47, or any rifle with Picatinny rail system.

Remote control signal recognized up to 23 ft away from unit, controls all standard features including: Momentary on/off, and strobe function standard on all Kellan tactical lights. 1, 3, 4 heads in White, Red, Green, Ultra Violet and InfraRed are interchangeable on all Kellan flashlight body models. Versatile to accommodate any special operations/field applications. Kellan is at the forefront of the technological upgrade of defense systems, worldwide.


– 8 levels of 347.5 lumen output
– Memory retention return to last output level used
– Strobe Function
– Interchangeable flashlight head choices: Infrared, Ultraviolet, Red and Green in: 1 LED, 3 LED, 4 LED
– Remote control recognized up to 23 ft (7 meters)
– Waterproof up to 100ft
– Remote control options: Slim Style Touch Pad Remote Control, Rifle Grip Integrated Remote Control

Tech Specs:

– Max output/runtime: 347.5/2 hours
– Bezel diameter: .96"
– Length: 5.2”
– Output Levels: 8
– Max Output: 347.5 Lumens/2 Hours
– Min Output: 3 Lumens/55 Hours
– Weight (with batteries): 3.3oz
– Shockproof: Recoil tested on .50cal
– Flashlight Body Diameter: Fits 1” Mounting rings
– Type of Battery Used: 2 x CR123A
– Water Resistant: Yes
– Waterproof (operable): IP68 rating/30 meters/100

Lamp Options:

– White 1LED, 347.5 Lumens
– White 3LED, 510 Lumens
– White 4LED, 1388 Lumens
– Ultraviolet 1LED, 2.4w power
– Red 1LED, 1.6w power
– Green 1LED, 3.8w power

Integrated Remote Control Options:

Grip Functions:
– Pressure On/Off
– Constant On/Strobe
– 8 Level Output
– Output Level Memory
– Range 23ft. (extendable)
– Waterproof
– Left hand or custom button positions available

Rail Functions:
– 4” Picatinny Rail System
– Pressure On/Off
– Constant On/Strobe

M4/AR Compatible Pistol Grips:

– Magpul – Black Flat Dark Earth (FDE)
– Hogue – Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Olive Drab (OD Green)
– US Palm – Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Black
– Binary Rail Panel – Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

AK Compatible Pistol Grips:

US Palm – Bakelite, Brown, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Black"

Company Contact Info:

Kellan USA
3655 Nobel Drive, Suite 520
San Diego, CA 92122 USA
Phone: 888-919-3810
Fax: 858-450-0987 Cell/Mobile: 555-555-5555
Email Contact Form:

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Kellan RF Wireless, Waterproof LED Tactical Lights/Weapon Lights, Pistol Grips and Binary Rail Panel for Low-Light/No-Light Gunfighting at Night with Tactical AR-15 Rifles/Carbines/SBRs by

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