LAMSA Weapons Systems Soldier’s Laser Aimer/Illuminator for SPECOPS

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by David Crane

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DefenseReview recently got a chance to view a few interesting new products at the Larue Tactical booth at SHOT Show 2005. The first are the new LAMSA Weapons Systems/BEAMSHOT/Larue Tactical Soldier's Laser Aimer/Illuminator-Infrared (SLAI-IR) and Soldier's Laser Aimer-GreenBeam/Infrared (SLA-GIR). These two units are just different configurations of one mission-configurable modular IR/visible laser aiming/illuminating system, so the unit can be custom-configured in the field per (mission-specific) operator requirement. Swapping out laser and iluminator components in the field is, from what DefenseReview understands, quick and easy–although we have yet to see a demonstration of the procedure or try it ourselves.

The SLAI-IR is a combination infrared laser target designating laser (IRTDL)/infrared target illuminator (IRTI) designed to mount onto any Mil-Std-1913 rail system (M1913 rail system). It was specifically designed as an alternative to the…

Insight Technology, Inc. AN-PEQ-2 family Infrared Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Laser(s) (ITPIAL) (AN/PEQ-2 and AN/PEQ-2A) out to approx. 500 yards. The SLA-GIR is a combination day operations long range visible green laser target designator (GLTD)/night operations infrared target designating laser (IRTDL).

Both the SLAI-IR and SLA-GIR utilize Larue Tactical mount/housings and BEAMSHOT laser and illuminator components.

The author got to view and handle the SLA-GIR visible green laser target designator (GLTD) at the BeamShot booth, and can attest to the laser's brightness, even in bright lighting/daylight conditions. Joe Obregon, Law Enforcement Consultant for BEAMSHOT, was kind enough to assist us at the BEAMSHOT booth, and demonstrate the visible GLTD/laser aiming module for us.

Another cool product DefenseReview got to inspect is Larue Tactical's combination long-range tactical scope/offset Close Quarters Battle (CQB) sight mount. This mount allows an operator to utilize either a JPoint Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight or DOCTERsight Red Dot Sight as a CQB sight, in case he has to quickly transition quickly from the medium-to-long-range interdiction (sniping) role to CQB mode. A righthanded operator need only cant the weapon slightly to the left in order to immediately employ the CQB sight against close-range targets of opportunity.

This isn't the first time DefRev's written about Larue Tactical products. Back in July, 2004, we published titled "Larue Tactical FF Rail System, Tactical Rail Mounts, and BUIS for Rifle/Carbines", and we've been following their progress ever since. For those not already aware, Larue Tactical is currently making some of the best-made and most innovative tactical accessories in the world for the AR-15/M16/M4/M4A1-variant weapons.

I recently spoke with Wes Grant of MSTN about Larue Tactical products. MSTN builds high-end custom AR-15/M16-based weapon systems (rifles, carbines, and subcarbines) for military Special Operations (SPECOPS) personnel, law enforcement (LE) SWAT/SRT operators, and private military company (PMC) Security Operators. Wes told me that the Larue Mil-Std-1913 free-float rail systems (M1913 FF rail systems) are nonpareil. In other words, they're as good as it gets.

While you're checking out Larue Tactical products, you might also want to take a look at their sniper targets, for which they're already well-known.

More digital pics of LAMSA Weapons Systems/Larue Tactical/BEAMSHOT Soldier's Laser Aimer/Illuminator-Infrared (SLAI-IR)/Soldier's Laser Aimer-GreenBeam/Infrared (SLA-GIR):

The following are pics of LAMSA Weapons Systems SLAI-IR/SLA-GIR (attached to Larue Tactical Mil-Std-1913 rail system/forend rail tube) and Larue Tactical tactical combination long-range tactical scope/offset CQB sight mount attached to rifle's receiver (both mounted simultaneously):

You can contact LAMSA Weapons Systems by phone at 310-472-3017, or via email at Christopher Burton Adams C. is LAMSA Weapons Systems Managing Director, so you might want to ask for him, specifically.

Larue Tactical can be contacted at 512-259-1585, or via email at Ask for Mark Larue.

You can contact BEAMSHOT by phone at 210-735-0280, or by email at BEAMSHOT is a division of Quarton USA, Inc.. You can contact Quarton USA by phone at 909-595-5888, or via email at

If you're interested in purchasing a JPoint Micro-electronic Reflex Sight for you pistol, carbine, rifle, or shotgun, you can contact JP Enterprises, Inc. by phone at 651-426-9196, or toll free at 800-528-9886. You can also contact them via email at, and no, it's not the Pope.

If you'd like to acquire a DOCTERsight Red Dot Sight for your pistol, carbine, rifle, or shotgun, you can contact DOCTER Sports Optics USA by phone at 702-294-3056, or toll-free at 800-456-9182. You can also reach them via email at

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