Custom MSTN Rifles, Carbines and Subcarbines for Mil SPECOPS, SWAT, and PMC’s

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by David Crane

Mid-South Tactical Network (MSTN) has been churning and burning over there, turning out some really sweet AR-15/M16-based custom tactical rifles and carbines (short to medium-range interdiction/sniper rifles and carbines, to be more specific) in 6.8x43mm SPC (6.8mm SPC/6.8 Rem SPC), as well as 5.56x45mm subcarbines utilizing 10.5" LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool) uppers. All the guns are custom-built by MSTN-built by MSTN, and are perfectly geared for use by military Special Operations (SPECOPS) personnel, LE SWAT operators, and private military contractors/operators.

The AR-15/M16-based rifles and carbines utilize Larue Tactical, PRI (Precision Reflex, Inc.), and KAC (Knight’s Armament) forends/1913 Picatinny rail systems, muzzle brakes, and Vltor and NSWC Crane (Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, Indiana) telescoping buttstocks (made for SOCOM) . Barrel lengths on the rifles and carbines run between 16" and 18".

Click on the links below, to view the custom MSTN-built weapons…

Click here to view three of the customized AR-15/M16-based 6.8x43mm SPC/6.8 Rem SPC carbines with 16" barrels (w/muzzle brakes), Precision Reflex, Inc. (PRI) and Larue Tactical 12.0 FF (Free-Float) forends/1913 Picatinny rail systems/handguards, and Vltor stocks (telescoping).

Click on this link to view the 18"-barrelled AR15/M16-based 6.8x43mm SPC/6.8mm SPC rifles (w/muzzle brakes), Larue Tactical 12.0 FF (Free Float) and KAC URX II forends/1913 Picatinny rail systems/handguards and Crane stocks (for SOCOM).

Click here to see an MSTN-built 5.56x45mm subcarbine with 10.5"-barreled LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool) stripped upper, Larue Tactical Mil-Std-1913 rail system/forend rail tube, and Crane NSWC stock. You’ll have to scroll a little bit, as the pics are inside an thread.

If you’d like to have Mid-South Tactical Network (MSTN) build you a custom AR-15/M16-based rifle, carbine, or subcarbine, you can contact them by phone at 901-542-9608, or by email at Ask for Wes Grant or Paul Ertsgaard.

Custom MSTN Rifles, Carbines and Subcarbines for Mil SPECOPS, SWAT, and PMC’s by

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