Millenium Texture Series Camouflage (MilTex): Privatized Answer to CADPAT/MARPAT

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by David Crane

This is a quick follow-up to our just-published article on Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.’s Tactical Assault Camouflage (TACAM) for Counterterrorism applications, titled Tactical Assault Camouflage (TACAM): Multi-Environment Counterterrorism Camo.

MilTex™, or "Millennium Texture Series Camouflage™", is a group of digital camouflage patterns (a.k.a. digitized camouflage patterns) that, according to the Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. MilTex (Millennium Texture Series Camouflage) page, utilize Camouflage Designated Enhanced Fractal Geometry (C2G) and "were designed…

after a number of requests from a private companies for digital camouflage patterns that would blend well with CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive Pattern) and MARPAT (U.S. Marines Pattern) digital camouflages. The new U.S. Army Combat pattern (ACUPAT) could also be included in this category as the patterns configurations are relatively similar in all three patterns."

Click here to visit the Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. Millenium Texture Series Camouflage (MilTex) page.

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. can be contacted by phone at 604-466-7072, or by email at

Millenium Texture Series Camouflage (MilTex): Privatized Answer to CADPAT/MARPAT by

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