Cobb SCAR Candidate/MCR Prototype Weapons at SHOT Show 2005

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by David Crane

All photos of the Cobb MCR Prototype/SCAR candidate weapons accompanying this article were taken by and are the property of Click on photos to view them full-size.

DefenseReview was fortunate to get the opportunity to view and handle the Cobb SCAR candidate/MCR (Muli-Caliber Rifle) prototype weapons at Cobb Manufacturing Inc.’s booth at SHOT Show 2005. The Cobb Multi-Caliber Rifle (MCR) Series rifle/carbines were developed specifically in order to compete in the USSOCOM Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR/SOFCAR) program. Skip Patel, Cobb’s CEO, told DefenseReview (at SHOT show) that the Cobb MCR prototype/SCAR candidate’s Mil-Std 1913 rail system loosened during the SOCOM SCAR/SOFCAR competition, which resulted in the MCR being disqualified from the test. At that time, the rail system was subcontracted out. Mr. Patel went on to say that this problem has since been rectified, since Cobb started manufacturing their own MCR rail system, in-house. According to Patel, the new Cobb M1913 rail system will not loosen under heavy firing/high round count.

DefenseReview was extremely impressed with the Cobb MCR prototype/SCAR candidate weapons that we viewed and handled. Fit, finish, and overall workmanship looked first rate. Basically, the weapons we saw…

looked to be the proverbial "heat". Rumor has it that a number of active military SPECOPS and LE SWAT/SRT operators stopped by the Cobb booth and also came away impressed with what they saw–and requested weapons for test and evaluation. This information is, as yet, unconfirmed, but we wouldn’t be surprised, based on our experience at the Cobb booth.

Right now, Cobb Manufacturing Inc. is, beyond a doubt, one of the most innovative design and development companies for AR-15/M16-based weapons systems of which DefenseReview is aware. We plan on interviewing Mr. Patel about the MCR Series weapons, soon. We also plan on conducting a T&E of the Cobb MCRs in all calibers, as soon as possible. Gotta’ find out how they run.

If you or your organization are currently looking for an AR-15/M16 based multi-caliber family of weapons for specialized combat applications, DefRev would advise you to take a hard look at the Cobb MCR (Multi-Caliber Rifle) weapons complex. You can contact Cobb Manufacturing Inc. by phone at 770-505-3080, or by email at

**Photo above-right is the 7.62x51mm (.308 Win.) Cobb Mfg. Inc. MCR/SCAR candidate/prototype carbine (MCR-200) at SHOT Show 2005.**

More photos of Cobb MCR-200/SCAR candidate/prototype 7.62x51mm carbine at SHOT Show 2005:

Cobb MCR .338 Lapua at SHOT Show 2005 (notice side-feed capability):

Cobb MCR-300 (.30-06), MCR-400 (.300 Win Mag), and .338 Lapua MCR at SHOT Show 2005:

Cobb Mfg. Inc. MCR/SCAR Prototype Photos (company photos) below:

Cobb MCR-100 5.56x45mm Carbine/Subcarbine:

Cobb MCR-200 Rifle (7.62x51mm):

Cobb MCR-300 Rifle (.30-06):

Cobb MCR in .338 Lapua:

Cobb SCAR Candidate/MCR Prototype Weapons at SHOT Show 2005 by

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