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Jordanian SPECOPS Adopt New High-Tech Night and Woodland Digital Camo

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by David Crane
[email protected]

You may remember our fairly recent article about the Jordanian Security Forces (JSF) adopting Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.’s PSD Urban Digital Camouflage Pattern. The article is titled "DefRev Scoop: Jordan Adopts Hyperstealth Advanced-Tech PSD Urban Digital Camo".

Well, DefenseReview recently received the scoop on Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.’s new Jordanian KA2 Night (Blue) and Jordanian Special Forces Woodland digital/digitized camouflage patterns (both shown below, at right) that debuted at SHOT Show 2005. The following email message was sent to DefRev from Guy Cramer, Hyperstealth’s President/CEO (The following email message has been content-edited, as certain aspects of the message are confidential):…

From: Guy Cramer
[mailto:gcr[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 9:47 AM
To: David Crane
Subject: KA2 Camouflage Scoop


Jordan KA2 Night (Blue) and Special Forces Woodland shown below. Research has shown that blue (at night) in connection with grey and black causes the eyes to focus beyond the grey and black causing the brain to interpret increased depth and texture where other colors flatten out or shine at night. It is unknown if the KA2 Night is to be used with Jordan Elite Special Forces or their advanced Counter-Terrorism team as Jordan Armed Forces will only confirm the pattern as a Night variation.

The King has approved the Jordanian Special Forces new uniform in the woodland scheme (Below). Given the new U.S. Army ARPAT bright colors and lack of black, the digital KA2 Woodland is a much more appropriate choice for temperate and woodland regions of the world. Uniforms will be issued in Jordan within March/April 2005. The pattern is quite advanced over CADPAT and MARPAT in that the Spatial Frequency (Blob size) is over twice as large while incorporating special placement of bright and dark regions to simulate reflection and shadows not seen in CADPAT/MARPAT. The pattern is omnidirectional, however, the majority of the pattern is horizontal to break the human Symmetry with a few vertical elements to disrupt the horizontal element as one direction only will attract the eye."

For information related to camouflage development, or to the new JSF (Jordan Security Forces) PSD Urban, KA2 Night (Blue), or KA2 Woodland digital camouflage pattern or uniforms, spefically, please contact HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp., directly at [email protected] or phone (604) 961-7046. Ask for Guy Cramer.

Click on this link to visit Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.’s PSD Urban advanced-tech digital urban camouflage page. Lots of great pics of a Jordanian Security Forces (JSF) operator demo’ing the new camo (shown at left).

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Jordanian SPECOPS Adopt New High-Tech Night and Woodland Digital Camo by

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