Israeli Company Develops Revolutionary Combat Pistol Sight System

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by David Crane

All photographic images contained in this article were taken by, and they are the exclusive property of owns the copyright on these
photos. All photos were shot with a 7.2-megapixel Sony Cyber-shot
digital camera (Model #: DSC-P150).

While DefenseReview was at NDIA Small Arms Symposium 2007, we ran into a very friendly and enthusiastic gentleman named Gil Elharar, who works for an Israeli company called North East Technologies, Ltd. (NET). Gil showed us a developmental prototype (functional prototype) of a very interesting and somwhat revolutionary combat pistol sighting system. Instead of utilizing the standard front-and-rear sight setup, the NET tactical pistol sight is a one-piece elongated low-profile rear sight comprised of a red fiber optic sight housed inside a lightweight polymer and extruded aluminum case. The prototype sight we saw was mounted on a blue (i.e. inert) Glock 17 (G17) training simulator weapon.

To use the sight, you just…

bring the pistol up and aim it at the target in the normal fashion while keeping both eyes open. When you can see the entire fiber-optic sight as a complete red circle (solid red circular dot) superimposed over (or directly underneath) the aiming point (i.e. target), fire! It’s really as simple as that. It’s actually very fast and intuitive to use. One of the advantages of the NET monolithic pistol sight is that it should be less prone to snagging on the draw, since it does away with the front sight.

As we mentioned above, the NET low-profile monolithic sight we saw was just a prototype, but it worked well. The fiber-optic red dot was easy to pick up quickly, in the well-lit room we were in when we tried it. However, we didn’t have a chance to test it in low light or darkness, so we don’t yet know how it will perform in either of those conditions. DefenseReview expects the final prototype and/or functional production version of the sight will be black in color, rather than non-painted aluminum. Defense Review does not yet know when this new sight will be available for purchase, but we’ll keep you posted.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again–the Israelis are an innovative bunch. Of course, with their defense and security concerns, they have to be.

The following are the photos we shot of of the NET combat/tactical monolithic pistol sight developmental prototype from directly behind it, so you can see what the sight picture looks like (we did the best we could). Remember, if you can’t see the complete circular red dot, you’re not sighted in!):

Company Contact Info:

Gil Elharar
Director, Marketing & Business Development
North East Technologies Ltd. (NET)
24 Weizmann St. P.O. Box 1001
Kfar Sava 44100 Israel
818-669-5310 U.S. Phone

+972-97489-038 Israel Office 1
+972-974-89039 Israel Office 2
+972-9-7489 066 Israel Fax Email Website

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