SureSight Combat Pistol Sights: Meet the Triangle

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by David Crane
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Speaking of combat pistol sights, a company called SureSight, LLC is billing their SureSight ST-1 triangular sight system as the "next generation of iron handgun sights". The SureSight ST-1 sighting system takes advantage of the Gestalt Principles of Organization, specifically the Gestalt Principle of "Closure", which exploits human beings’ tendency to see complete shapes, even when part of the information is missing.

The primary purpose of the SureSight ST-1 is to allow the shooter to focus on the target/threat with both eyes open, as will most likely happen under stress, and still align the sights (front and rear) very quickly, making aiming under stress faster and more intuitive than standard "notch-and-post" iron pistol sights (three-dot, etc.). The front sight, which…

incorporatest the upper half of the fluorescent yellow triangle is quite large, and meant to be seen "involuntarily" as you focus on the target/threat, which 93% of law enforcement officers reportedly do, based on one study that was conducted.
The SureSight ST-1 combat pistol sights that we saw were not tritium, but we would recommend that tritium be integrated into them for extreme low-light (i.e. nighttime) deployment. You can’t really beat tritium sights for low-light tactical shooting (with a pistol).

DefenseReview met SureSight’s inventor, Chaim Stein, at the IACP Conference in Los Angeles in late 2004. Mr. Stein was very personable and enthusiastic when we met him. Very likeable fellow, and he’s got an interesting product.

In fact, the product is interesting enough that The Box O’ Truth took the time to put the SureSight ST-1 combat pistols sights through their paces at the range–and the results were positive.

Click here to read their review. The article contains some good photos of the sights mounted on a Springfield XD pistol that was used for the test.

If you’re interested in trying out the SureSight ST-1 for your carry gun (defensive pistol), you can reach Mr. Stein/SureSight, LLC at the phone number below.

Company Contact Info:

Chaim Stein
SureSight, LLC
1171 S. Roberston Blvd. #123
Los Angeles, CA 90035
877-270-2143 tel/fax
[email protected]

SureSight Combat Pistol Sights: Meet the Triangle by

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