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Condor Elite Pursuit Pack Lo-Pro/Lo-Vis Armored Concealed Carry (CCW)/Tactical Weapons/Drone/Med Kit Pack (Backpack) Now Ready for Production! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

February 5, 2020
Last updated on 2/06/20.

Last year, DefenseReview (DR) reported on the prototype Condor Elite Pursuit Pack lo-pro/lo-vis (low profile/low-visibility) armored concealed carry (CCW)/tactical weapons/drone/med (medical) kit pack (backpack), which we got to see at SHOT Show 2019. Well, the Pursuit Pack is now ready for production, and it’s looking even better than it did before. Chris Dunn of Condor Elite and Covered 6 was kind enough to take DefenseReview (DR) through all the features of the Pursuit Pack at SHOT Show 2020.

The Condor Elite Pursuit Pack is designed to be able to hold a 11″x17″ Level III anti-rifle hard armor plate AND either a compact PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) sized weapon (firearm) or pistol and spare mags, a drone and remote control, or a medical kit, and to do it under the radar. From the outside, it just looks like a plain/simple-yet-well-made civilian pack. Condor Elite refers to this lo-pro/lo-vis profile as “urban interface.

The handles that go round the sides of the pack are retractable/”self-policing” for a minimalist, clean-yet-ergonomic and utilitarian profile. They simply and easily “extend when needed”. You can remove the main backpack straps, and turn the Pursuit Pack into a side-carry bag, a sling bag, or a plain carry bag, with now large straps hanging off it.

The Pursuit Pack also features the Condor Airflow System, and a smaller handle between the main backpack shoulder straps that can be used as a shield handle when the bag is being used to defend against a shooting opponent, and not strapped to your chest (using the backpack shoulder straps or sling strap). The pack’s front pouch has a pass-through aspect, so you can access a concealed weapon (firearm) from either side.

The Pursuit Pack’s internal compartment is also completely configurable as either a med (medical) kit pouch or weapons compartment. It’s pretty slick.

“There’s a lot of thought that went into this bag. It’s really over-built, but it looks very simple,” says Dunn.

Defense Review really digs this pack. We want one. Anyway, the Condor Elite Pursuit Pack is either available right now, or will be so shortly. Here’s DR’s video on it:

Company Contact Info:

Condor Outdoor Products
5268 Rivergrade Road
Irwindale, CA 91706
Phone: 1-800-552-2554
Fax: 1-626-303-3383
Email : [email protected]

Condor Elite
Toll-free: 888.508.1792
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Covered 6
868 Patriot Drive, Unit C
Moorpark, CA 93021
Phone: 805.926.2055
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Condor Elite Pursuit Pack Lo-Pro/Lo-Vis Armored Concealed Carry (CCW)/Tactical Weapons/Drone/Med Kit Pack (Backpack) Now Ready for Production! (Video!) by

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