Condor STRYKE (Single-Point/Two-Point) and COBRA (Single-Point) Bungee Tactical Slings for Your Tactical Rifle/Carbine/SBR: Now in A-TACS and MultiCam Camo Patterns!

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

November 7, 2011

While we're on the subject of tactical slings (tactical rifle slings), we should perhaps mention the Condor STRYKE single-point/two-point bungee tactical sling and Condor COBRA single-point bungee tactical sling, which are both now available in MultiCam AND A-TACS (Advanced TActical Camouflage System) camo patterns, perhaps the two most popular camouflage patterns currently available. Condor Outdoor tactical products have developed a solid reputation for being a lot of "bang for the buck" in the last few years, and the STRYKE and COBRA tactical slings are most likely no exception.

Being a two-point/single-point sling, the Condor Stryke is reminiscent of the MagPul Dynamics MS2/MS3 Multi-Mission Sling System, but DefenseReview (DR) hasn't run a STRYKE sling, yet. Actually, we haven't run the COBRA sling, either. Hopefully we can get some product samples in at some point and report back on them.

We received the following information on the slings from Condor's Henry Ko via email:

"The STRYKE sling is a very versatile design that allows you to configure it in variety of carrying and shooting positions. The sling can convert into one point sling during close combat situation for better weapon manipulation or transition to a secondary weapon. When you need stability, you can convert the sling into a two point. The quick-adjust feature allows you to adjust sling length and tension with a single hand.

Our COBRA Sling is made with a soft, high tensile strength nylon webbing for durability and comfort. It features triangle hardware connecting the sling and weapon adapter. Triangular hardware allows the weapon to lay flat against your body, and also prevents sling from twisting. The sling has multiple release points for you to detach your weapon or the sling instantly."

Editor's Note: Defense Review has used a Condor Sniper Drag Bag (tactical rifle bag), though, which we really like.

Condor Stryke Tactical Sling features (from the Condor Outdoor website):

"- Genuine A-TACS material
– Coverts from two point to single point sling.
– Transition-loc with pull-tab allows quick adjustments.
– Single bungee construction.
– HK snap hook adapter covered with elastic adapter.
– Side-release buckle to release adapter.
– 1 1/4 inch webbing, with Duraflex buckles. (Heavy duty MOJAVA, part #9094 & 9095)
– Made in USA

Colors: OD, Black, Coyote Tan, Multicam, A-TACS"

Condor Cobra Tactical Sling features (from the Condor Outdoor website):

– Genuine A-TACS material.
– Single point sling
– Dual bungee construction
– HK snap hook adapter covered with elastic
– Side-release buckle to release adapter and sling
– 1 1/4 inch webbing, with Duraflex buckles. (Heavy duty MOJAVA, part #9094 & 9095)
– Made in USA

Color :O.D. BK, Coyote Tan, Multicam, A-TACS

Photos Credit: Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.


Company Contact Info:

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.
5268 Rivergrade Road
Irwindale, CA 91706
Toll Free: 800-552-2554
Fax: 626-303-3383
Email: [email protected]

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Condor STRYKE (Single-Point/Two-Point) and COBRA (Single-Point) Bungee Tactical Slings for Your Tactical Rifle/Carbine/SBR: Now in A-TACS and MultiCam Camo Patterns! by

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