Ashbury International Group (AIG) Seeks Damages in Lawsuit Against Defense Equipment Manufacturer Vectronix

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

April 5, 2016

Well, this is interesting. DefenseReview (DR) recently received the following press release on a multi-million-dollar lawsuit that Ashbury International Group (AIG) has filed against Vectronix AG, Vectronix Inc., and Potomac River Group LLC. DR found the press release to be an interesting read, and it includes a link to a PDF-format copy of the actual lawsuit.

For Immediate Release 
March 29, 2016
Media Contact:
Troy Perry
(434) 296-8600
Ashbury International Group Seeks Damages in Lawsuit Against Defense Equipment Manufacturer Vectronix
Central Virginia small business takes legal action against global electro-optical sensor company and GSA distributor for breaches of contracts, fraud, tortious interference and conspiracy


–  Virginia-based Ashbury International Group Inc., a minority-owned defense contractor/systems integrator/manufacturer, filed suit yesterday against Vectronix AG, Vectronix Inc., and Potomac River Group LLC in the Circuit Court of Greene County, Virginia. Ashbury is seeking recovery of damages for breaches of contracts, fraud, tortious interference with contract/business expectancy, and conspiracy to injure Ashbury’s business and reputation. According to the Complaint, Ashbury had a long history serving as the exclusive distributor for Vectronix’s binocular laser range finder products and generated tens of millions of dollars in sales for Vectronix to the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Special Operations Command and other Department of Defense entities. After termination of that relationship in 2009, Vectronix approached Ashbury in 2012 about renewing the prior exclusive distributorship relationship. Ashbury alleges that Vectronix falsely promised Ashbury a new exclusive distributorship agreement and restoration of its distributor of record status so that Ashbury would work diligently to win the highly valued follow-on US Army ENFIRE (now Instrument Set, Reconnaissance and Surveying (ISRS) contract for Vectronix’s laser range finder product. Ashbury was the exclusive supplier of the Vectronix binocular laser range finders for the ENFIRE program from 2007-2012.The Complaint alleges Vectronix used Ashbury to support and expand the Vectronix business in the United States while, at the same time, conspiring with Potomac River Group to cut Ashbury out of the lucrative military contracts and commercial shooting sports industry business that Ashbury created, thus damaging Ashbury. As Ashbury’s President and CEO Morris Peterson explained: “Ashbury has been a loyal and profitable US business partner for Vectronix for more than 20 years. Our Complaint details Vectronix’s deceptive and manipulative conduct – perhaps borne of discriminatory animus – that induced Ashbury to work to secure for Vectronix source selection awards for the US Army ENFIRE program, all while Vectronix intended to renege on our business agreement and wrongfully redirect Ashbury’s business to a competitor. We are extremely disappointed in Vectronix’s US management and European owners.”Ashbury will ask a Greene County jury to award more than $14 million in damages resulting from Vectronix’s and Potomac River Group’s misconduct. Trial is expected to be scheduled in early 2017.Ashbury is represented by Robert Angle and Laura Anne Kuykendall of Troutman Sanders LLP and Ashbury General Counsel D. Alan Nunley. To view the lawsuit against Vectronix please visit this link.

About Ashbury
Ashbury International Group Inc. is a central Virginia based small minority owned business located in Ruckersville, Virginia. The company has more than twenty years of international experience as a prime contractor and systems integrator for government agencies, military, and special operations forces. The company provides logistics, engineering, training, small arms manufacturing, products and services. For more information about Ashbury please visit

About Troutman Sanders
Troutman Sanders LLP is an international law firm with more than 600 lawyers and offices located throughout the United States and China. Founded in 1897, the firm’s heritage of extensive experience, exceptional responsiveness and an unwavering commitment to service has garnered strong, long-standing relationships with clients across the globe. These clients range from multinational corporations to individual entrepreneurs, federal and state agencies to foreign governments, and non-profit organizations to businesses representing virtually every sector and industry. For more information about Troutman Sanders, visit”

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Ashbury International Group (AIG) Seeks Damages in Lawsuit Against Defense Equipment Manufacturer Vectronix by

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