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Wilcox Industries Patriot Hybrid Life Support Systems Assault System/Breaching System Exothermic Cutting Torch Backpack System in Action! (Video!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

All photos and video contained in this article were shot by, and are copyrighted. owns the copyright on these photos. The photos and video clips embedded below were shot with a Canon PowerShot S90 10-megapixel digital camera (still camera with video capability).

March 25, 2012
Last updated on 3/27/12.
In the movie “Act of Valor” about U.S. Navy SEALs/Special Warfare (SPECWAR) assaulter/operators, you won’t see or hear about the Wilcox Industries Patriot Hybrid Life Support Systems modular On-Target Sustainment System Land Based Hybrid Life Support System/Assault System/Breaching System Exothermic Cutting Torch Backpack System, but this system is indeed an important tool in the U.S. Military Special Operations Forces (SOF) toolbox, and is used by SOF assaulters/operators when necessary. While DefenseReview photographed and video’d the whole system, we’re going to concentrate on the Patriot Breaching System/Exothermic Cutting Torch System in this article, since it’s the most visually dynamic and fun-to-use version of the Patriot.

On a recent trip to Wilcox Industries’ corporate headquarters in Newington, New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die State”, Defense Review got to run the Wilcox Patriot ExothermicBreaching/Cutting Torch System, which is essentially the modern, manpackable military SOF version of James Caan’s high-end jewel thief character “Frank’s” exothermic safe/vault-breaching tool in the movie Thief (1981). The system integrates a state-of-the-art multi-aspect life-support/breathing apparatus module/component with the breaching module/component for the ultimate in “Confined Space Rescue” capability, even in CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) contaminated environments .

The life-support element of the Patriot life-support/breaching torch backpack hybrid system “delivers blower or non-blower assisted filtered air (PAPR Mode) or open circuit breathing gas (SCBA Mode) in this one integrated system,” essentially creating a clean room environment inside the operator’s face mask. Being a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus/Powered Air Purified Respirator/Air Purified Respirator/Surface Air Respirator (SCBA/PAPR/APR/SAR) integrated system, the life-support/breathing apparatus system module is actually four systems in one, and allows for truly effortless breathing while conducting combat missions/operations (assaulting, shooting, cutting, general fighting, moving, etc.). The assaulter/operator always has the next breath of air waiting for him in the breathing bag, and he can fast-switch between air-flow/breathing modes and configure the Patriot system between all-respirator and respirator/cutting torch configurations, depending on his mission-specific requirements.

During our Wilcox visit, Defense Review got to T&E the Wilcox Patriot Exothermic Breaching/Cutting Torch System (without life-support/breathing module under the expert tutelage of Hybrid Life Support Systems and Aerial Support Systems Product Manager Mike Franzoso, and it was hands-down one of the coolest experiences we’ve ever had (even though it’s not even a weapon), particularly since we’re such big fans of Thief (1981),especially the safe/vault-cutting scene. I got to be “Frank” for a day! Notice how much face and body protection I, your humble correspondent, required while running the Patriot cutting torch versus Franzoso. It’s pretty funny. He outfitted me with full body protection (Nomex hood and plexiglass face shield, leather coverall/overalls, gloves, the works). Then again, he’s an expert at it, and I’m not. Anyway, it was an absolute blast. You can see me making progress in the video clips below, in reverse order. The top video (first video) is my last attempt at it, and it’s a successful one, thanks to Mr. Franzoso’s expert tutelage (Thanks, Mike!) and the superlative level of flow control (oxygen flow control) through the cutting rod afforded by the Patriot’s Hellboy Handle (also written Hell Boy Handle), which gives the operator full (and fast) adjustments to the flow.

Editor’s Note: DR would like to thank Wilcox Industries’ Vice President of Marketing Travis Mitchell for inviting us out there and letting us play with some of their big-boy toys.

Be sure to check out the very cool 2012 New England Warrior Benefit/Gala / 2012 Boston Warrior Gala. It looks like it will be AMAZING. While Defense Review was at the Wilcox Industries booth at SHOT Show 2012, Travis Mitchell handed us a really nice leather packet this very important event, which will be held on July 3, 2012 (7/03/12) at the Boston World Trade center. While Travis was explaining the event to us, he talked about the bike (motorcycle) raffle where five bikes will be raffled off, and he mentioned something about the “Boston Pops“, or Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), performing.

The purpose of the New England Warrior Benefit/Gala is to raise money for the following organizations:

U.S. Navy — Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF)

U.S. Army — Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)

U.S. Air Force — Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF)

U.S. Marine Corps — Semper Fi Fund (SFF)

General Benevolent — No Greater Sacrifice (NGS)

Again, five very cool bikes (motorcycles), one for each organization, will be raffled off at the event, so check it out! Raffle tickets cost $35.00 each.

Company Contact Info:

Wilcox Industries Corp.
25 Piscataqua Drive
Newington, NH 03801 USA
Phone: 603-431-1331
Fax: 603-431-1221
Email Contact Page:

Wilcox Industries Corp.
One Columbus Center, Suite 680
Virginia Beach, VA 23462 USA
Phone: 757-490-7864
Fax: 757-490-7804
Email Contact Page:

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Wilcox Industries Patriot Hybrid Life Support Systems Assault System/Breaching System Exothermic Cutting Torch Backpack System in Action! (Video!) by

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