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Troy Industries Special Purpose Carbines: Brochures Spec Sheets, and Photos

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by David Crane
[email protected]

A month ago, DefenseReview published an article on the Troy Industries 5.56x45mm CQB-SPCA4 "Advisor" Carbine/Subcarbine and CQB-SPC Commando subcarbine (Both weapon configs are select-fire). The article was titled "Troy Industries CQB-SPCA4 ‘Advisor’ 5.56 Subcarbine for Special Operations". We’ve also published two articles on the Troy Industries 7.62x51mm Rock SOPMOD M14 Commando Carbine/Subcarbine. The latest one was titled "SOPMOD M-14 Commando Carbine by Troy Industries. Big Rifle in a Small Package.".
The first was titled "Rock SOPMOD M14 Commando Carbine by Troy Industries, Inc.".

Well, DefenseReview has received some brochures, spec sheets, and photos from Troy Industries that we think our readers will enjoy. The links are provided below. The first document (linked-to) below is the Troy industries comprehensive brochure on their 5.56x45mm Special Purpose Carbines, including the 5.56x45mm CQB-SPC A4 Advisor carbine/subcarbine (outfitted with a 40mm M203 grenade launcher),CQB-SPC A5 carbine/subcarbine outfitted with an integral sound suppressor/silencer (a la HK MP5SD submachine gun), CQB-SPC A3 Compact 5.56mm carbine/subcarbine, and 7.62x51mm Rock SOPMOD M14 Commando carbine/subcarbine.

Here are the links:…

Comprehensive Brochure on 5.56mm Special Purpose Carbines (CQB-SPC A3, A4, and A5) and Rock SOPMOD M14 7.62mm Commando carbine/subcarbine

CQB-SPCA3 (Special Purpose Carbine) 5.56mm Carbine/Subcarbine Spec Sheet/Brochure

CQB-SPCA4 Carbine/Subcarbine and Sound Suppressor/Silencer Spec Sheet/Brochure

Troy Industries, Inc. Brochure on the C.Q.B.-Special Purpose Carbine (SPC), Rock SOPMOD M14 Conversion Kit, and Troy "Over Built" Accessories. Troy Industries "Over Built" line of 1913 Picatinny Rail-mountable accessories include the Troy Folding Battle Sights (Front and Rear), Troy Optical Mounting Platform, and Troy C.Q.B. Suppressor Muzzle Brake.

7.62mm Rock SOPMOD M14 Commando Carbine/Subcarbine Information and Spec Sheet

Troy Industries Tactical Sling Brochure. This weapons sling comes in black, O.D. green, and desert tan, and is designed for use with the CQB-SPC 5.56mm Subcarbines and SOPMOD M14 Commando 7.62mm carbine/subcarbine.

Troy Industries SOPMOD M14 7.62mm Commando Carbine/Subcarbine Operational Simulation Photo (solarized)

SOPMOD M14 Commando Carbine/Subcarbine Operational Simulation Photo 2

SOPMOD M14 Commando Carbine/Subcarbine Operational Simulation Photo 3. (Notice the side-rail-mounted Surefire tactical/combat flashlight in the photo. We’re big fans of Surefire flashlights, here at DefenseReview.)

Troy Industries Special Purpose Carbines: Brochures Spec Sheets, and Photos by

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