SOPMOD M-14 Commando Carbine by Troy Industries. Big Rifle in a Small Package.

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by David Crane

Troy Industries, Inc. was a vendor at SWAT Round-Up 2003, and they showed up with this little bad boy–which is a whole lotta’ rifle in a compact, carbine-sized envelope. The SOPMOD M-14 Commando Carbine is a Spec-Ops-applicable 7.62x51mm semi-auto carbine. Features on the SOPMOD M14 include an A.R.M.S.-like 1913 picatinny rail system, ergonomic pistol grip, and collapsible/telescoping buttstock.

As you can see from the pictures, even with a suppressor/silencer mounted, the SOPMOD M-14 is still a handy piece. No doubt, the SOPMOD M-14 will prove to be a useful tool for U.S. Special Operations forces (SOCOM) when a short, handy 7.62x51mm carbine is called for. Sometimes, you just need a bigger bullet.

DefRev has pictures of the Troy Industries representative posing with the SOPMOD M-14 Commando Carbine at their booth (the rep’s face is purposely not shown), and we’ll get those pics up as soon as we can. The best base gun for the SOPMOD M14 would appear to be the…

Springfield Armory M1A Bush Rifle or M1A Scout Squad Rifle. That said, a standard Springfield Armory M1A rifle will probably work just fine for the conversion. DefRev will confirm this. Interested parties should contact Troy Industries directly for pricing.

DefRev didn’t get a chance to shoot the SOPMOD M14 Commando Carbine at the Round-Up, which is unfortunate. Perhaps we’ll get that opportunity sometime in the not-too-distant future. We will also research whether or not Troy Industries’ proprietary Folding Battle Sights come standard on the SOPMOD M14, or if they cost extra. The Troy Industries rep demonstrated the Folding Battle Sight at the booth, and they looked really trick. Again, contact Troy Industries directly for pricing for the sights a la carte.

Click here to see the TROY Industries Front Folding Battle Sight.

Click on this link to see the Troy Industries Rear Folding Battle Sight.

SOPMOD M-14 Commando Carbine by Troy Industries. Big Rifle in a Small Package. by

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