Colt Model 1911 Pistol and Early Prototypes

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The following is an advertisement that was submitted to Defense Review anonymously. Normally we don’t publish anonymous posts–and especially advertisements. However, we’re making an exception here as a courtesy to our members and readers who may have an interest in reading about the history of the Colt 1911 pistol and its precursors. We’ll research the source. Here it is:

"Just released, a new downloadable Ebook on the Colt pistols titled "Colt Model 1911 and Early Prototypes".

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Content of the ebook :

Development of the .45 ACP caliber cartridge
– Adaptation of the Model 1902 "Military" in .45 caliber
– The weakness of the barrel links
– The question of the most suitable caliber for a military pistol
– The conclusions drawn from the experiments
– The essential features in a service handgun

Colt pistol Model 1905 in .45 caliber
– The Colt Model 1905 specific features
– In early 1907, a new variation
– English official tests
– Variations & Serial numbers of the Colt Model 1905

U.S. Army official tests of 1907
– Nine constructors submitted models
– Luger pistol in .45 ACP caliber
– Savage pistol in .45 ACP caliber
– A modified version of the Model 1905
– Several modifications of the Colt 1905 required
– A loaded chamber indicator and a grip safety

Colt Model 1909
– Description of the Model 1909
– Phantom view of the Model 1909
– Operation of the Model 1909
– Experimental thumb safeties
– Phantom view of the Browning thumb safety

Colt Model 1910
– Description of the Model 1910
– Salient features of the Model 1910

Adoption of the Colt Model 1911
– Modification of the barrel locking lugs
– A first call for 30,262 pistols
– The right to produce the pistol at Springfield Armory
– The holster

1912 changes and improvements
– Content and locations of the markings
– Major Walter G. Penfield
– Checkering of the slide stop
– The head of the fastening screws of the grip plates
– Modifications of the magazine catch lock
– New design of the sear and safety spring
– Magazine modifications
– The magazine shell issue
– Magazine hardening and blueing
– Mainspring housing pin
– Recoil spring plug
– Marking changes

1913 -1914 changes and improvements
– Rear Sight Changes
– Experimental Slide Stop
– Hammer modifications
– Modifications of the safety lever
– Changes in the slide markings

1915 -1918 changes and improvements
– Differences between Colt made and Springfield made 1911’s
– The recoil spring guide
– The new mainspring
– The magazine lanyard loop
– N.R.A. Pistols
– The grip milling
– The firing pin retainer
– The Forward slide profile
– The safety lever
– Marking changes
– Ordnance department inspectors
– Sub-inspection markings
– Colt assembler’s markings
– Production board of the Model 1911 produced by Colt

Springfield Armory & Remington
– Springfield Armory specific markings
– List of the "S" marked parts
– The Springfield magazine
– Board of Springfield Model 1911 production
– Remington-UMC contract
– Remington’s production of Models 1911
– Remington specific markings
– Inspection Markings at Remington

Commercial production & British contracts
– The commercial version of the Model 1911
– The commercial serialization
– Board of the commercial production until 1923
– British contracts
– The J.P. Morgan business
– Main foreign countries who acquired Model 1911 prior to 1919
– Great Britain’s purchases of Model 1911
– Dispatching of the Models 1911 purchased by Great Britain
– The Model 1911 in caliber .455 Webley
– English markings
– Caliber .455 magazines
– English procurements of Colt Model 1911 in caliber .455

Other foreign contracts
– Argentina was the largest purchaser in South America
– Canadian procurements of Model 1911 pistols
– Norwegian procurements and local production
– The Imperial Russia was the biggest foreign purchaser

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