The Ultimate Defense Band: Turn Your Wristwatch into a Defensive Weapon

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by David Crane

It’s pretty much common knowledge that we’re primarily gun guys here at DefRev. However, this one’s a nifty little item. It was just brought to our attention by Chuck Habermehl. Chuck runs Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Inc. (the name is self explanatory), and he is an expert in both armed and unarmed (hand-to-hand/hand-to-weapon) combat.

"The Ultimate Defense Band", made by Attitude Athletic Apparel,
"is based on the (now ubiquitous)…

Sleeve Choke", a popular Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu submission technique. According to the company, the Ultimate Defense Band "will allow you to secure your attacker in no time without using excessive or lethal force".

By the way, Mr. Habermehl pretty much raved about this item. He believes that every street cop, SWAT operator, and military Special Operator should have one of these on their wrist, once they are trained in the appropriate submission choking techniques.

Price on The Ultimate Defense Band is $19.95 US + shipping.

If you’re interested in acquiring The Ultimate Defense Band, you can order one by calling 866-667-6923 (toll free) or 310-325-6333. You can also reach Attitude Athletic Apparel via email at

The Ultimate Defense Band: Turn Your Wristwatch into a Defensive Weapon by

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