The Hindi Baton Cap Makes Your ASP Baton Much More Combat-Effective.

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Chuck (Habermehl) really likes this item, as well. He turned DefRev onto it during the same phone conversation. It’s called the Hindi Baton Cap, and it’s billed as "The ‘ultimate grip’ for baton retention and safety". According to the company’s website, the Baton Cap is…

"LAPD Approved".

Click here to read about the benefits of the Hindi Baton Cap.

Click on this link to read a very informative advertisement page on the Hindi Baton Cap that explains 30 Tactical Advantages and Safety Features of the item.

If your interested in placing an order for the Hindi Baton Cap, you can contact the product’s designer/developer at [email protected].

You can read the LAPD approval letter for the Hindi Baton Cap here.

Links to more evaluations are available on this page.

The Hindi Baton Cap Makes Your ASP Baton Much More Combat-Effective. by

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