ATG introduces the Homeland Defense Interceptor (HDI)

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Aviation Technology Group, Inc. (ATG) has introduced their concept for a small, lighweight, and cheap fighter/interceptor alternative to the F16 fighter for the Homeland Defense role. It’s called the Homeland Defense Interceptor (HDI), and it’s a nifty little concept.

According to ATG literature: "The Javelin Interceptor, or “Homeland Defense Interceptor,” (HDI) will provide a high performance economic interceptor, CAP and surveillance platform for homeland security against airborne threats of various types, including…

airliners, business jets, turboprop, recip twins or other general aviation aircraft, helicopters and Ag planes.

The HDI is an all metal, single-seat, high-speed light military jet, capable of all weather, day or night intercepts. A two-seat version of the HDI is available for training, SAR and utility requirements.

The Mach 1.6 HDI will be equipped with air-to-air radar and FLIR or IRST, secure military radios, including JTIDS datalink, IFF, NVG, night spotlight, laser, 7.62 mm minigun with tracer rounds, and two short-range heat seeking missiles.

Static intercept mission MTGW thrust to weight ratio is greater than 1.0 to 1.0, providing exceptional performance. Suitable test engines can be available for the HDI within 18-24 months of funding.

Base cost of the HDI is 1/5 the cost of an F-16 per ship airframe only, depending on specified equipment. The F-16C Block 50/52 base unit cost is $26.9 million. HDI fuel and related cost is approximately $950 per flight hour, in contrast to $3,600 per flight hour for the F-16. Further the HDI is highly supportable, utilizing commercial-off-the-shelf equipment, allowing minimal deployment expense when compared to an F-16.

The HDI is a derivative of the civilian Javelin executive jet which will be certified to FAR Part 23, aerobatic category, and single pilot operations. The aircraft will be certified for day, night, VFR, IFR and flight into known icing conditions."

ATG introduces the Homeland Defense Interceptor (HDI) by

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