SIG SAUER MPX KeyMod Multi-Cal Machine Pistol/Mini Submachine Gun (SMG)/PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) with Silencer/Sound Suppressor at NDIA SOFIC 2014 (Photos!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

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May 25, 2014
Last updated on 5/26/14.

When DefenseReview (DR) hit the SIG SAUER booth a few days ago at NDIA SOFIC 2014 (2014 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference), we ran into our friend Kevin Brittingham, founder of Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) and new head honcho at SIG’s silencer/sound suppressor division. Kevin immediately handed us a new little stockless KeyMod machine pistol version of the SIG MPX Multi-Cal Submachine Gun (SMG), which we believe (as of this writing) can be quickly converted into a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) configuration by attaching a telescoping stock (buttstock), so it resembles the suppressed, non-KeyMod MPX subgun/PDW also pictured in this article (unconfirmed/unverified). We’ll check, ASAP. Anyway, one would think that you can likewise turn the MPX KeyMod machine pistol into a suppressed PDW (again, just like the other, non-KeyMod MPX PDW weapon pictured) by adding an in-house designed, developed and manufacturined SIG SAUER muzzle can, which would be DR’s favorite config for this variant (MPX KeyMod machine pistol).

SIG’s goal with the gas-operated SIG MPX SMG, with it’s dual operating spring, would appear to be to essentially out-MP5 the HK MP5 weapons family, which operates via a rolling lock bolt, and give assaulters/operators a more modern and versatile AR-profile SMG/PDW with ambidextrous AR controls and a KeyMod rail system/tactical handguard/forend rail tube. The KeyMod rail appears to be optional, at the moment. If the MPX is every bit as reliable as the MP5 (or more so) under adverse environmental conditions (dirt, sand, mud, ice, snow, water, etc.) and is at least as accurate and durable, SIG Sauer will have succeeded quite superbly. SIG’s barrel quality and the MPX’s free-float barrel aspect should take care of the accuracy part, at least in theory.

Military Special Operations Forces (SOF) and law enforcement SWAT personnel looking for a modular, mission-configurable SMG/PDW capable of being transported covertly would be hard-pressed to find a superior alternative to the SIG MPX weapons family, assuming the above.

If the MPX works as advertised and proves battle-proof/combat-proof, DR would choose a a suppressed SIG MPX over a HK MP5-SD (also written MP5SD), for example…in a heartbeat.

Oh, and DR also likes the MPX’s 30-round Lancer Systems 9mm SMG mags and MagPul Industries MBUS Pro (Magpul Back-Up Sight) all-steel front and rear BUIS (Back Up Iron Sight) system.

Anyway, Defense Review like’s the latest stuff coming from SIG, and looks forward to seeing what Mr. Brittingham and the rest of the team at SIG suppressors comes up with on the muzzle can side.

Company Contact Info:

18 Industrial Drive
Exeter, NH 03833
Phone: 603-772-2302
Fax: 603-772-9082
Law Enforcement Email:
Military/Govt. Email:

Lancer Systems
7566 Morris Court,Suite 300
Allentown, PA 18106
Phone: 610-973-2600
Fax: 610-973-2601 General Info Email Sales Email Website Lancer Systems on Facebook Lancer Systems on Twitter

Magpul Industries Corp
P.O. Box 17697
Boulder, CO 80308
Toll Free: 877-462-4785
Toll Free Gov/Mil: 877-462-4785 Ext. 119
Phone: 303-828-3460
Fax: 303-828-3469
Email General:
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Email Military:

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SIG SAUER MPX KeyMod Multi-Cal Machine Pistol/Mini Submachine Gun (SMG)/PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) with Silencer/Sound Suppressor at NDIA SOFIC 2014 (Photos!) by

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