LOKSAK SHIELDSAK Fabric Faraday Cage/Anti-RF Protective Bag Family by LOKSAK: Flexible Fabric RF Fortress Provides Anti-Hacking/Anti-Tracking Radio Frequency Camouflage

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

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May 25, 2014

One of the fun and interesting aspects of attending tactical firearm, military defense, law enforcement, and security industry shows is the possibility of coming across great new products (firearm/shooting-related AND non-firearm/shooting related) that can just come in really handy in your everyday life, making your life easier, better, and/or safer, particularly during travel. DefenseReview (DR) recently ran across one of these great new little products at NDIA SOFIC 2014, the new SHIELDSAK fabric Faraday cage anti-RF (Radio Frequency) protective bag family. The SHIELDSAK bags are made by the good folks at LOKSAK, makers of the excellent aLOKSAK clear/translucent waterproof polymer barrier bags.

Billed as “impenetrable protection” and an “R.F. Fortress”, the LOKSAK SHIELDSAK anti-RF bags can protect any/all sensitive information on your smartphone , tablet computer (Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Apple iPad, etc.), credit cards, and anything else you can fit inside them against any/all RF/wireless hacking threats that may come your way.

The LOKSAK SHIELDSAK will obviously also come in handy when you need to go “off grid” during clandestine/covert ops. Just stick your sensitive materials inside the bag, and they become instantly invisible to any RF hacking threat. Once inside the SHIELDSAK, any item containing an ID chip, like a passport or credit card, can’t be scanned. And, any item with GPS, like a smartphone for example, can’t be tracked. So, with SHIELDSAK, there’s no hacking, and no tracking. It’s essentially anti-RF camouflage for your electronic devices and sensitive materials. Think of it as your very own little flexible Faraday fabric fortress of radio frequency solitude against all those evil, diabolical hacking, tracking and thieving baddies out there.

Made specficially for U.S. Military and Government end-users, SHIELDSAK anti-RF bags are “proven to block Radio Frequencies (“RF”), Infrared and Skim/Quick Scan Technology. SHIELDSAK has been tested by Keystone Compliance using the Mil-DTL-83528C Method.” In this endeavor, they’ve been tested against RF threats from 30 MHz to 10 GHz, and have achieved an average attenuation of 72 (dB).

The secret to this anti-RF-hacking ability is SHIELDSAK’s ripstop metallic fabric. It contains a proprietary blend and matrix of metal fibers (a metal matrix, if you will) that creates the flexible fabric Faraday cage effect to block RF radio waves. So, the method to SHIELDSAK’s anti-RF-protective madness is in the metals, and the metals are what make the bags a little pricy ($69.89 USD for the SHIELDSAK Phone, and $157.19 USD for the SHIELDSAK Tablet). But, think about this, how much is your personal identity, financial and operational security worth to you? DR would hope it’s worth a lot more than the cost of the bags.

Defense Review has a SHIELDSAK Phone test/product sample that we’re going to carry around on travel and try to test on our own for both anti-RF effectiveness and durability. As of this writing, we’ve already conducted a simple call test with a smartphone that we placed inside it. Result? No ringing–and we had the ringer turned up all the way so we could hear it, if it did. The smartphone did not receive the call. We repeated the test twice (after doing a quick test call to make sure the phone was receiving calls normally) just to be sure.

So, the LOKSAK SHIELDSAK Phone appears to indeed work as advertised, at least against cell phone tower radio waves.

If you’d like a full test report on the LOKSAK SHIELDSAK technology, you can request it at request@loksak.com.

And, you can purchase a SHIELDSAK Phone and/or a SHIELDSAK Tablet anti-RF shield bag here, at this link.

In the video below, you can watch the very lovely (and informative) Jill Belcher of LOKSAK explain the SHIELDSAK tech to your humble correspondent:

Company Contact Info:

Phone: 435-649-9009
Fax: 435-940-0956
Email Contact Page: http://www.loksak.com/customer-support
Website: http://www.loksak.com/products/shieldsak

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LOKSAK SHIELDSAK Fabric Faraday Cage/Anti-RF Protective Bag Family by LOKSAK: Flexible Fabric RF Fortress Provides Anti-Hacking/Anti-Tracking Radio Frequency Camouflage by

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