RMP-Vang Comp 870 12GA Shotgun: Combat Shotgun for Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

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by David Crane

Anyone who knows anything about combat shotguns for serious social purposes has heard either the name Hans Vang or his company’s name, Vang Comp Systems. Hans Vang is a combat shotgun/tactical shotgun specialist smith/builder of the highest order. His work in this field is well known by tactical professionals around the world.

Well, Vang Comp Systems has teamed up with RMP Gunworks, run by Pete Rafferty, to create the RMP-Vang Comp 870 12GA shotgun. The RMP-Vang Comp 870 12GA shotgun features a…

Vang Comped barrel (featuring the Vang Comp System which utilizes the unique Vang Comp porting), ghost ring sights (made by LPA Precision Sights), a Vang 870 safety, Vang Comp Systems’ new Vang stainless steel follower, SpeedFeed IV-S Shortened Tactical Stock Set (made by SpeedFeed Inc.), Tac-Star SideSaddle Shotshell Carrier (made by Tac-Star Industries), and flexitab anti-jam system/conversion. RMP Gunworks finishes the RMP-Vang Comp 870 12GA shotgun with a DuraCoat finish. Duracoat is a highly durable rust/corrosion-resistant firearm finish marketed by Lauer Custom Weaponry. DuraCoat can be applied in monochrome colors, or in such a way as to create camouflage schemes.

Of course, the base gun for the RMP-Vang Comp 870GA shotgun is the venerable/legendary Remington 870 pump-action shotgun (12 gauge). No need to expound on the Remington 870 shotgun, here. Let’s just say it’s a very well-respected workhorse shotgun in military, law enforcement, tactical civilian circles.

You can reach Vang Comp Systems at 928-636-8455, or via email at vangcompsystems@yahoo.com. Ask for Hans Vang.

RMP Gunworks can be contacted at 785-256-6682, or by email at info@rmpgunworks.com. Ask for Pete Rafferty.

Now that we’ve gotten the hardware out of the way, it’s time to take care of the "software", i.e. training. If you want to learn how to become truly surgical with a combat/tactical shotgun, DefenseReview recommends that you give Louis Awerbuck a call, and sign up for one of his classes. Mr. Awerbuck is a master shotgunner/instructor, and the owner of the world-reknowned Yavapai Firearms Academy, Ltd. (YFA). You can reach Louis Awerbuck/Yavapai Firearms Academy at 928-772-8262, or via email at info@yfainc.com.

If you can’t get out to Prescott, Arizona to train with Mr. Awerbuck in person, DefRev highly recommends you order Awerbuck’s instructional video "The Combat Shotgun", sold by Paladin Press. That would be a good place to start.

RMP-Vang Comp 870 12GA Shotgun: Combat Shotgun for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) by

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