Press Release: Battling sand flies: Soldiers in pantyhose! Seriously?

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by Steven Katz

Dealing with a Serious Problem…

Americans respect their men in uniform, but should their uniforms include women’s nylons? Indeed, during the Gulf War and the current War on Terror, our fighting forces discovered that their legs needed protection from nasty, disease-carrying sand flies. Letters home to wives, girlfriends, sisters, and mothers pleaded, "Please send pantyhose! Seriously!"

These strange and unexpected requests made headlines around the United States, and patriotic, understanding, community groups of yellow-ribbon-wearing supporters heeded the call. Along with air conditioners and less-extravagant sundries and necessities, thousands of pairs of pantyhose were shipped to the Middle East in "care packages."
Unfortunately, nearly all styles of pantyhose sold in supermarkets and department stores just are not designed for the male anatomy. The legs are too short, the waistband is too high on the torso, and there is insufficient room for "male anatomy."

A Better Solution:
Thankfully, there is a better solution for active-duty servicemen. Soldiers, families and loved ones may now visit:…, where they can purchase Activskin(r) Performance Wear, a brand of legwear intelligently designed for men and proudly made in the USA.

Activskin is the creation of G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd., Granville, Ohio, who, after extensive market research, determined that men needed to have a more comfortable and healthier alternative to traditional socks and long
underwear. They designed a line of opaque tights and lightweight legwear specifically for men.

True Benefits:
Activskin’s unique body-contouring fabric really does provide a barrier to insects, it prevents chafing, and it provides thermal insulation. It affords good compression, too, and although it is less than medical/surgical grade hosiery, many customers have indicated that the level of compression is perfect for them. They have reported reduced swelling, improved circulation, increased endurance, and energized leg muscles-allowing them to stand or sit still longer, with less fatigue, less pain, and less discomfort. The "male comfort front panel" effectively accommodates male anatomy. Moreover, compared to medical/surgical hosiery, Activskin does not itch, it is easy to put on and take off, and it is inexpensive.
A generous 20% military discount is available. Visit for details (note that there is no "e" in "Activskin").

Jason, an Army Sergeant, volunteered his enthusiastic endorsement for Activskin:
"Activskin Performance Wear was the best thing to happen to me. I was deployed to Iraq for Operation: Iraqi Freedom. While there, I wore it to protect myself from the weather and insects… especially the sand flies that carry a disease called leishmaniasis. This disease will leave boils on your skin if infected by it. Activskin products were so effective and they provided excellent support to my legs. This was extremely helpful because it gave me both the stamina and protection that I could not do without. The material is so comfortable that you won’t want to go without wearing it either. Now that I’m back in the USA, I’m still happily wearing Activskin often. What a great product!"

For further information on Activskin(r) Performance Wear for Men, to request a product sample, or to schedule an interview, please contact: Steven Katz, G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd., Box 193, Granville, Ohio 43023 USA 740-587-2860 or 877-587-2860 (Toll-Free in US) or send e-mail to

Press Release: Battling sand flies: Soldiers in pantyhose! Seriously? by

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